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The Right Way to Do Mexico This Year

* 50% off stays at Thompson Playa Del Carmen Beach House
* All rooms have private terrace overlooking the sea or pool
* Enjoy a highly personalized experience with private check-in

Need to get out of town? Looking for an age appropriate alternative to spring break? Whatever the reason, we have found the perfect beachfront destination hotel that will feel like a luxury getaway without the luxury price tag.

The Thompson Playa Del Carmen is Mexico’s newest premier boutique beachfront destination hotel. Fly directly to Cancun and it is just a short 45-minute car ride to Playa del Carmen, where you will experience sun-splashed luxury and exciting beach nightlife. The hotel is located five stories up at the center of Playa del Carmen’s famous Quinta Avenida at Calle 12 (a sleek shopping destination full of contemporary fashion brands). With exhilarating 360 degree views from sea to city, a rooftop infinity pool playground (photographed above) and some of the finest restaurants in town, this hotel is truly the pinnacle of town.

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This hotel excels at luxurious accommodations and one of their most requested and recommended sections lies two blocks from the main hotel. Known as the “Beach House,” this hotel within a hotel offers oceanfront accommodations in an exclusive Playa del Carmen beachfront setting. The Beach House offers a quieter experience where every room includes a private terrace overlooking either the sea or pool, just steps from the beach.

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The Beach House has only 27 guest rooms and suites and offers highly personalized, intuitive service and private check-in. Amenities include a private and luxury beachfront experience complete with daybeds, sofas and loungers, poolside beachfront cuisine and cocktails, exclusive access to their fitness center and numerous recreational activities.

An ideal grown-up getaway, you can also bring your four-legged friends along for free – the hotel accommodates pets up to 25 pounds. Book through our link above and receive complimentary daily breakfast (including fresh fruit, yogurt, granola and made-to-order eggs) at Cinco, the hotel’s restaurant with an unbeatble view.

Ready to book? Get an exclusive 50% off stays at the Beach House if you go before June 30, 2017. Offer ends March 30, 2017.

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