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This Modern-Looking Device Keeps Your Eyes Off Your Dashboard and On The Road

You know how your football coach always told you to keep your heads up during a game? It’s time to take the same advice when it comes to your driving.

Studies have shown that more than 1000 people are injured daily in vehicle accidents linked to distracted driving. Whether they’re texting on the phone, reaching to grab something from the backseat, or just too focused on their car’s dashboard controls, drivers are learning just how hazardous distracted driving can be.

You already know to put your phone away when you’re in the car (and using things like Bluetooth transmitters will help free you up from having to use your hands for a call). But we’re also obsessed with the HUDWAY Cast – a new dashboard-mounted head-up display (HUD) that projects your maps, directions, calls, texts, and music off your dashboard — and onto your windshield.

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Courtesy HUDWAY

Here’s how it works: plug the HUDWAY Cast into your cigarette lighter and it powers on instantly. Then, use its grippy mount to adhere it onto a smooth, flat part of your dashboard. Sync the HUDWAY Cast with your smartphone (using WiFi or an included USB cable) and it’ll automatically project your phone screen to the windshield, right in front of your eyes.

Got Google Maps or Waze going on your phone? Now you can see the directions right in front of you without having to look down all the time and risk swerving into another lane or worse — running into something (or someone).

HUDWAY has a cheaper model, dubbed the HUDWAY “Glass,” which is available on Amazon for about $40. It has similar features, though some users found difficulty seeing the screen in direct daylight. But for just a couple of bills, you can see your speed, your GPS and more, without ever having to glance down and risk an accident.

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Courtesy Amazon

The new HUDWAY Cast seems to have addressed that problem — at least according to this video HUDWAY sent over. It deflects any glare coming through the windshield that could make it hard to see your HUDWAY display.

Provided that there’s enough space on the dash and there is a cigarette lighter receptacle available to plug in the power cable, the HUDWAY will work in almost any vehicle. The end of the cable that plugs into the cigarette lighter also has an adaptor equipped with two USB ports, so that you can power the HUDWAY Cast and charge two phones at the same time.

The butterfly-shaped dash mount meantime, keep your unit stable. The set includes the HUDWAY Cast device, dash mount, power cable, four cable clips, a magnet mount for a smartphone and a quick start guide. This also comes with a limited warranty in case you run into any problems.

Whether you have a new driver in your family or want something to make driving a little easier — and safer — you’ll want to pick up the HUDWAY Cast. It’s a cool conversation piece and accessory for your car, but more important, it’s a great investment in your safety on the road.

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