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This TikTok Viral Coffee Brewer Is the Coolest Camping Gadget of 2022: Here’s How It Works

Here at SPY, the majority of our editors consider themselves campers. We’ve got some writers that camp with their massive dogs, some that camp with young children and even some that primarily only camp at weekend-long music festivals. That being said, we’re constantly looking for the best camping supplies to help make our lives easier in the wilderness.

While we might always prioritize essentials like camping tents and lanterns, we can’t help but pick up a not-so-necessary camping hack from time to time that’s simply neat and helpful to own. And, we think we might have just found the coolest camping hack of 2022. Meet the JoGo Straw, the best camping coffee maker money can buy right now.

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We recently came across the JoGo Straw for the very first time on TikTok. You know, like the majority of cool gadgets we find of these days. This innovative straw is every minimalist camping coffee lover’s dream. Instead of brewing coffee in a larger pot, this pocket-sized straw has the ability to brew coffee with each sip you take.

The straw is made from a stainless-steel material that is to be directly placed in a mug of hot water and your favorite coffee grounds. To let the coffee acclimate within the mug, all you have to do is let the coffee ground and water mixture sit and stir for a few minutes until it visually looks like a cup of black coffee. From then, you simply sip from the heat-integrated straw tip so you don’t burn your mouth.

But, doesn’t that just mean the coffee grounds will come up through the straw? Nope, not in the slightest. To keep grounds out, the bottom of the straw is made with a filter that doesn’t allow for any grounds to be sucked inside. Sip away for a totally ground-free cup by the campfire. No large pots taking up space needed!

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Courtesy of Amazon

Sure, it might be a little weird to sip hot coffee with a straw, but it doesn’t diminish the flavor whatsoever. In fact, it’s said to provide the same delicious flavor you’d expect from a French press-style coffee maker. Add milk and sugar as you please and sip up.

Not only that but the JoGo Straw is even completely dishwasher safe and refuses waste. You don’t even have to use it for coffee, try it with loose-leaf teas and muddled cocktails, too.

The best part about the JoGo Straw is that it’s just $25. That little of a price to make your life on the go that much easier? Feels like a serious yes from us.


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