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For Lake Como Hotels, The Belvedere Shines Brightest of All

* Panoramic views of legendary Lake Como
* Most rooms include a terrace or balcony
* In-house spa and Turkish bath

If you haven’t figured out your summer getaway yet, perhaps you’ll be enticed to hit “book” with the lure of cobbled lanes, elegant buildings and 18th-century terraced gardens with lake views. That’s exactly what’ll you’ll find in the breath-taking village of Bellagio, Italy.

Jutting out into legendary Lake Como, this waterside location about an hour from Milan is what fairy tales and postcards are made of and, tucked a short walk away from the village center, is an equally impressive place to lay your head at night: The Hotel Belvedere.

Lake Como Hotels

Owned by four generations of women since 1880, this jewel of a hotel lays claim to panoramic, no-filter-needed views of Lake Como. The tranquility of the surrounding lakes and mountains continue even when once you step inside, with most rooms in possession of a balcony or terrace. As far as Lake Como hotels go, the Belvedere is a study in classic refinement, with beds made in crisp, high-thread-count linens, and comfortable traditional furniture updated with punchy fabrics and soothing colors.

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On-site, find a manicured private garden with a swimming pool and hot tub, just the place to spend a lazy afternoon after exploring the lakeside trails or shopping in town. If that’s not enough relaxation, the hotel also boasts a Turkish bath, sauna and therapeutic showers, along with face and body treatments available at the spa. Service throughout the hotel is top-notch and highly-rated. Fancy afternoon tea on the terrace? Not a problem. Need a private car into town? Easily arranged.

But with treasures like the Villa Serbelloni Park, San Giacomo Church and Loppia Beach just a short stroll away, we’re guessing all of these luxurious amenities are really more for blasting any jet lag so you can make your own postcard-perfect moments feeling refreshed and revived.

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