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These 3 Leak Proof, TSA-Approved Travel Bottles Are a Must For Traveling With Toiletries

* Food-grade, refillable travel bottles
* Leak-proof and TSA-approved carry-on sized
* Great for hair care, skin care, even beverages

Whether you travel light or like to comically overpack for a weekend getaway, a good set of TSA-approved, leak-proof travel bottles makes one less thing to worry about when you’re flying. Way more economical than buying extra sunscreens, lotions, shampoos and so on in the travel section, these leak proof 3 oz. bottles also let you bring your own favorite brands, without having to settle for whatever the drug store happened to have in TSA-sized form. Plus, you can pack these in your carry on and they won’t get liquids or goop all over everything else. Just make sure to label them so you don’t end up washing your hair with anti-aging cream later at the hotel.

1. Cofreya Portable Travel Bottles

Designed for durability, these BPA-free, food and beverage-safe travel bottles come as a convenient set in TSA-approved sizes. They’re especially useful for toiletries, skin care products and even toothpaste.

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2. AMMAX Squeezable Travel Bottles

These cool, lightbulb-shaped travel bottles are TSA and FDA-approved, made of food-grade silicone and work great for lotions, sunscreen, hair care items and more.

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3. Lingito Travel Bottles

This set of TSA-approved, leak-proof refillable travel bottles is both aesthetic and functional. The bottles come in different pastel-y colors, so it’s easier to remember what’s what. Plus, the set includes a folding travel toothbrush.

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