The Total London Experience: You Won’t Miss a Thing With This Expertly Guided Tour

London Guided Tour

* Full-day, escorted tour of London
* Visit key sites like Buckingham Palace, London Eye and Westminster Abbey
* Includes lunch and a Thames River boat cruise

As far as travel goes, London is a classic destination that never gets old. It’s a global capital for art, culture and history — a place where you can always discover something new whether it’s your first trip or fiftieth.

London Guided Tour

Rail Europe Total London Experience


This full-day adventure takes you to London’s must-see places, including Westminster Abbey, the site of every coronation since 1066; Buckingham Palace, where you’ll watch the legendary Changing of the Guard; and Downing Street, for a glimpse of the Prime Minister’s residence.

Photo by Vickie Flores/LNP/REX/Shutterstock Photo by Vickie Flores/LNP/REX/Shutterstock

There’s a break for lunch, which is included, then the day resumes with a walking tour of Covent Garden, famous for its stylish boutiques and restaurants, street performers and the Royal Opera House. This whirlwind day winds down with a cruise on the River Thames for postcard-perfect views of the city’s majestic riverside buildings — and of course, the iconic London Bridge. And for the cherry on top? Find yourself experiencing the breathtaking engineering feat that’s made it one of Britain’s most visited locations: the London Eye.

Despite recent incidents in the great capital city, tourism continues to thrive. Tourism officials say summer bookings are up by 12% versus the same period last year. Queen Elizabeth II, meantime, delivered her annual “Queen’s Speech” Wednesday by saying the city is safe and authorities are working overtime to ensure that it remains that way. In short, there’s no better time to visit London and to show the city some love.

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