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Move Over Uber Black — Lyft Gets Lux

* Lyft launching luxury rides
* Choice of “ultra high-end black car” or SUV
* Pilot launches in five cities and expected to expand soon

If you’re still toggling between Uber and Lyft when looking for a ride, here’s something that might add to your driver dilemma.

Lyft is entering the luxury ride business, with the introduction of “Lyft Lux” and “Lux SUV.” According to the company, Lyft Lux will offer riders “an ultra high-end black car piloted by a top driver,” while Lux SUV will provide a “spacious, ultra high-end black SUV that seats up to six.”

While high-end cars isn’t a new thing for Lyft — you can currently use their “Premier” service and get picked up in a BMW, Lexus or similar car — the “Lux” service gets you a top of the line model, like a BMW 5-series sedan, or Lexus LS.

If you need an SUV, expect to ride in a Cadillac Escalade, BMW X5, or Lincoln Navigator. Pricing varies by city, but rates will start at roughly double the price of a regular Lyft.

Lux and Lux SUV are currently only available in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco and Silicon Valley, but the company says it’s expanding the program to other cities soon.

Of course, Uber already has a premium service, with Uber “Select,” “Black” and an SUV option for riders. The company also offers “UberWav” for wheelchair-accessible vehicles and “UberXL” for more affordable SUVs. Lyft hopes their new offerings will keep them competitive with their ride sharing rivals.