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These Are The Most Expensive Cities to Visit in the World

* New report ranks most expensive to most affordable destinations
* Surprisingly, Dubai and Doha ranked above some of the most popular cities in the world
* Rankings based on variety of expense factors including lodging and dining costs

Spring and summer typically are the seasons that host the most travelling for vacation purposes, but which cities will set you back the most, when it comes to costs?

Lifestyle site, Hoppa, released its annual report yesterday, ranking the most expensive to the most affordable travel destinations around the globe from 1 to 84. The ranking sequence is determined by weighing in the average cost across several different expense categories, including lodging, dining, sightseeing, taxi and transportation, and top attractions. It should be noted that airfare is not taken into account. These factors are also based on the data and expenses of one person travelling for one night.

Unsurprisingly, Zurich, Copenhagen and New York City stayed situated at the top, landing most expensive destination titles, with Bulgaria and Cairo scoring the cheapest spots on the list.

Despite some of the usual suspects remaining firmly in place when compared to 2016’s results, this year, Dubai and Doha earned number 13 and 14, respectively, standing above notoriously expensive cities like Paris, Tokyo, Sydney and Las Vegas. For instance, looking at specific categories, Dubai ranked #3 on the list for the most expensive cup of coffee, while Doha scored #5.

Most Expensive and Cheapest Destinations in the World 2017

So which destinations offer you the most bang for your buck? For lodging, Asia is home to some of the best prices for hotels, with Bangkok and Jakarta being the least expensive. In terms of libations, Hoppa says buying a bottle of wine from Cyprus won’t “leave your bank account with a nasty hangover.” Once again, Dubai’s alcoholic beverages cost significantly higher than the overall average of all cities included in the poll. Sightseeing is most cost effective in South African cities like Johannesburg, while Dublin and Barcelona have the most affordable attractions.