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Traveling This Holiday Season? Stay Clean and Calm With One of These NiceSeats Travel Sets

While the research around COVID-19 and surfaces has thus far concluded that you’re less likely to catch the virus from a surface than you are another human being, that doesn’t make traveling during the pandemic any less nerve-wracking. From security, to the gate to your seat on the plane or train you’re likely going to encounter many surfaces that many other people have touched that day and that just feels… kinda icky. Thankfully we’ve got a potential solution for you in the form of these travel sets from NiceSeats.

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While we can’t promise they’ll make you any safer, these seat covers can provide some reassurance that your tush is in a seat all its own, at least on the surface. They make individual seat covers for a variety of seat sizes from coach to first class, as well as travel bundles. Each bundle includes one seat cover that’ll fit any standard airplane, bus, train or even movie theater seat. It also comes with NiceSpray, a disinfectant for spraying down your tray table, hand rests, seat belt and other surfaces you might need to touch on your journey.

niceseats flying high travel set


The set also comes with a machine-washable cotton face mask with adjustable ear loops designed to be worn comfortably throughout the journey, as well as two activated charcoal masks filters for protection.

The bundle comes with a compact travel case so you can easily set up and pack up your seat cover after the journey, and the disinfectant comes in a TSA-friendly sized bottle. The case also hangs off the seat cover during your flight so you can use it as your own built-in seat pocket, so you don’t have to interact with the potentially germ-filled one on the plane.