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This Keychain Touch Tool Lets You Avoid All Those Germy, High-Touch Surfaces

The current COVID-19 pandemic has all of us more worried to venture outside our homes than normal. We’ve been encouraged to wear masks and gloves to protect ourselves and others from potential infection. The high-touch surfaces that many of us wouldn’t have given a second thought to at this time last year — doorknobs, ATM touchpads and elevator buttons — have become threatening opportunities for infection. Sure you could wear gloves all the time, but latex gloves should probably go to medical professionals and ski gloves can get a little warm.

Thankfully, we’ve found a keychain touch tool that will help you navigate these viral times with ease without hoarding protective equipment from those who need it most.

Peel has made a brass Keychain Touch Tool designed to touch, grab and punch those high-touch buttons and knobs for you so you can stress less about spreading or catching the virus. We’re seeing a lot more of these hygiene touch tools popping up for sale, but this is the best-designed product we’ve seen so far.

Keychain Touch Tool

The hook and pointer tool is designed to open doors, press buttons and checkout while avoiding potential infection. It’s cut from 360 brass that’s long-lasting and will naturally oxidize and patina over time for a unique look.

Keychain touch tool

The brass is antimicrobial so germs won’t grow and reproduce on its surface, and after this pandemic is over it can be used as a subtle bottle opener.

Attach it to your keys and grab it with your knuckle for easy control and maneuvering of this lightweight yet sturdy and dependable tool.

peel touch tool