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The 9 Sand-Free Beach Blankets to Bring to the Beach This Summer

Beach days are the best days. There’s nothing like packing all of your beach accessories in the trunk of your car, cruising down the coast with the windows down, lathering that body in the best sunscreen and hopping in that refreshing, blue water. But, there’s one thing we can all agree upon when it comes to those much-needed beach days — and that’s the fact that sandy blankets are a huge no-no.

It seems that no matter how you spend your day at the beach, you’re always going to get sand on your best beach blanket. We guess it makes sense, from back and forth to the water and your blanket, bathroom breaks and beach games, sandy blankets seem inevitable. Right? Wrong. All your missing is a sand-free beach blanket.

Sand-free beach blankets are exactly what you think they are — beach blankets that refuse to get sandy. Typically, sand-free beach blankets are made with both water and sand-repellent materials that will either bounce sand directly off the surface or seep directly through the material.

Unlike the classic beach blanket, sand-free beach blankets normally don’t as wet, which is an issue that will typically cling sand in your blanket deeper. With a larger sand-free blanket, you can keep more of your belongings out of the sand, too. Bringing a sand-free beach blanket is also beyond helpful when it’s time to pack up for the day. Yeah, you can finally kiss sandy car trunks goodbye.

Looking for the best sand-free beach blanket? You’ve come to the right place. Check out our go-to picks for this summer below now.

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1. Wekapo Sand Free Beach Blanket


The Wekapo is our favorite sand-free beach blanket for a number of reasons, but first and foremost, we have to talk about size. This thing is absolutely enormous. It comes in at 10′ x 7′ to comfortably fit seven adults total. It’s 30% larger than most beach blankets you’re used to, making it a sheer force to be reckoned with on the beach. Each mat comes with six stakes total to nail into the sand on those windier beach days so the mat won’t fly away. To keep it both sand-free and water-resistant, this sand-free beach blanket is made from ripstop nylon which shakes off all sand with a simple lift. The fabric is also breathable, durable and fits right into a tiny bag that fits in the palm of your hand for easy transport.

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2. Camco Store Handy Mat


It doesn’t really get any easier than a mat that folds into its own little carrying bag. This striped sand-free beach blanket is perfect for larger groups of friends or families heading to the beach for all-day fun in the sun. It folds out to be 60″ x 78″ total which can seat four adults without an issue. The blanket is made with a polypropylene weave that resists stains, sand, mildew and water. When it needs a wash, just hose it down with soap and you’ll be good to go for your next beach trip. Because it weighs under two pounds, carrying it from the car to the beach is effortless. Hey, maybe even make your kids carry it. Less weight on your hands.

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3. Tesalate Bohemian Sand-Free Towel for Two


The issue with the majority of sand-free beach blankets? They aren’t always, well, the cutest. While that doesn’t matter so much for a lot of people heading to the beach, it does for others. That’s where Tesalate comes in. This Aussie brand creates a number of good-looking, printed sand-free beach towels just about anybody can get behind. They only make sizes for one or two, so they aren’t the largest sand-free beach blankets in the world, but they are some of the prettiest. This one below features a boho pattern that dries in half the time a regular beach towel does with a completely sand-free material. Unlike the majority of beach towels for sale online, this one also has a hook on it for easy drying.

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Courtesy of Tesalate


4. Logkern Beach Blanket


Alright, so you don’t want to break the bank. It is just a beach blanket, anyways — we understand why you wouldn’t want to donate a kidney in order to afford one. If you’re looking for an affordable sand-free beach blanket, check out this option from Logkern on Amazon. It comes in at 79” x 85” which is large enough to fit four to seven whole adults. Each blanket is made from durable and breathable nylon that’s super lightweight for easy storage and packing. Like some of the other sand-free blankets here, this one comes with a few stakes so you can nail it into the sand on windy days. The blanket isn’t only sand and waterproof, but it is puncture-proof, too. All that for just $18? Count us in.

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5. POPCHOSE Sandfree Beach Blanket


We’ve mentioned a few great sand-free beach blankets so far, but if you really want to stand out from the sea of beach blankets and vibrant umbrellas, check out this extra-orange beach blanket from POPCHOSE. You quite literally will never lose your spot with a blanket this bright, even if you somehow get dragged feet away from the current. This vibrant sand-free beach blanket, like some of the others, comes with numerous stakes for keeping it stuck in the ground. Additionally, it’s entirely sand and waterproof, folds into a really compact bag for easy storing and can fit four people in total.

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6. Hammacher Schlemmer Four Person Sandless Beach Mat


“My parents are moving to South Carolina near the beach so I’ve been visiting with them to scope out the area — and by that I mean I’ll stay at the beach while they look for jobs and apartments,” says our e-commerce editor Tyler Schoeber, “my mom recently bought this sandless beach mat and let me say, it’s a complete game-changer.” Unlike the others, this mat is completely impossible to cover with sand. It’s built with two woven layers that filter the sand through once it tries to get on top. “My parents kept telling me to place a sheet on top of the blanket, but I didn’t find a need. You’d think that you’d get sandy since you can literally see the sand on the other side, but it’s constructed so well you simply won’t get sandy.”

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Courtesy of Hammacher Schlemmer


7. L.L.Bean Sunbuster Blanket


L.L.Bean’s Sunbuster Blanket is one of the coziest sand-free beach blankets you can find online. Unlike the rest, it’s extra fluffy so you can cushion any unwanted sandy bumps underneath you. The blanket has a waterproof bottom which is great for using on wet grounds, so not only is it awesome for the beach but also for picnics, music festivals and more. The top layer makes it super easy to wipe off sand as needed. At the top of the bottom picture below, you will notice an attached bag that you can easily squeeze the blanket into when done using.

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Courtesy of L.L.Bean


8. Wellax Beach Blanket


The Wellax Beach Blanket has everything you need in the best sand-free beach blanket — plus a little something extra. Like some of the others, this beach blanket folds into a super tiny bag for a compact, easy way to store. It folds out to 9’ x 10’ to fit anyone and everyone you’re bringing to the beach. This blanket even has four different added bags on the side to shove sand in for a little extra added weight so your blanket doesn’t fly away in the wind. Oh, the little something extra? The Wellax Beach Blanket comes with an exclusive waterproof case free as a gift to keep your phone sand and water-free all day long.

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9. Benevolence LA Authentic Mexican Blanket


This is the sand-free beach blanket that started it all. It’s not the most effective sand-free blanket any longer (you will probably get a little sand on this one) but its versatility makes it a must-own. Not only can you use it as a towel and blanket at the beach, but it’s perfect for beach yoga, keeping your pets sand-free at the beach, as home decor and a quick nap just about anywhere. There are numerous colors and styles to choose from and it’s super soft and durable.

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