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From the Couch to the Mailbox, SUBU’s Insulated Slippers Have Your Feet Covered

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Wearing dirty shoes indoors will trash your carpets and floors. But wearing your slippers outside, even for a quick jaunt to the curb to get the mail, will soon have you looking for new slippers. Not to mention the fact that it’s winter, and in most parts of the country, your feet would be pretty cold and miserable if you ventured out in slippers.

What you need is indoor footwear that can stand up to the cold and are durable enough for those unavoidable quick outdoor errands, but are also as warm and comfy as a pair of slippers for hanging out around the house. Fortunately, Japan has already solved this problem. It’s time to welcome these SUBU packable indoor/outdoor slippers into your house, and onto the sidewalk or driveway when necessary.

The SUBU slippers were designed in Japan, where indoor/outdoor footwear etiquette is very important indeed. Wearing outdoor shoes into a traditional Japanese home or place of business is considered exceptionally rude, and slippers are provided at such locales. Slipper culture is definitely a thing in Japan, including outdoor slippers. So there is a great deal of cultural as well as practical expertise in the design of these slippers.

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Obviously, the most important part of anything you’re putting on your feet is comfort. The SUBU insulated slippers have a cushiony, four-layered insole with a fleecy surface that will spoil your feet with pure comfort. They feel equally amazing with or without socks, and they’re roomy enough that even if you’re cursed with those massive wide Fred Flintstone feet, these will fit you comfortably.

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The exterior design is like a puffy jacket for your feet, with all the warmth and softness of your favorite winter jacket. The insulated body is breathable to keep your feet dry and comfy inside, and warm enough to make those outdoor treks bearable. The Teflon™-coated nylon exterior repels water, oil and stains, and dries quickly (because nobody likes soggy feet.) The rugged non-slip rubber sole is good for years’ worth of those daily trips to the mailbox or your doggo’s walk to the nearest hydrant.

SUBU makes a few different types of indoor outdoor slippers, but we would recommend the packable travel slippers. They’re not the most attractive piece of footwear you’ll ever come across, but they’re made with an elastic material and come with a compressible travel bag. With the included bag, these slippers will easily slip into your carry-on. After all, your feet deserve to be pampered on vacation or business trips, too. They’re machine-washable (air dry only), and come in a variety of colors. A small fits men’s shoe sizes 6-8, medium for sizes 8.5-10.5, large for sizes 11-12, and extra large for 12.5 and up.