Your Seat Might be Cramped, But Your Luggage Doesn’t Have to be Thanks to These Suitcase Accessories

best suitcase accessories
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There are some things about flying that can’t be helped. No matter how comfortable your pants are, your legs are still going to be uncomfortably cramped. There’s no getting around long security lines or those random last-minute gate changes. There are some things you can prepare for, though.

Luggage is the one thing that’s (almost) totally in your hands, and making sure your carry-on isn’t causing you any additional headaches will ensure you actually enjoy your trip. Keeping things accessible and organized will prevent anything from getting lost when you’re rifling through your personal item for snacks. Plus, since baggage handlers are occasionally indelicate, it’s a good idea to make sure your luggage gets to the carousel in the shape that it was left at check-in.

There are lots of small things you can do to protect your luggage and make it more organized. One idea is to get packing cubes. Packing cubes come in different sizes, making it easy to organize all of the things in your bag. Or, to prevent luggage from popping open, get luggage straps. They’re simple elastic bands that clip around your luggage to hold it closed. As an added benefit, they come in tons of different colors, making it easier to find which one is yours when 50 identical black suitcases come around on the carousel. If you’re looking to make your flight go just a bit more smoothly, consider these suitcase accessories.

1. PRO Packing Cubes for Travel

These packing cubes come in sets of 6, including bags of different sizes. Each cube has a mesh top and two sets of YKK zippers, making it easy to see what’s in them and quickly access your belongings. Since they come in several sizes, they can be used for weekenders, large checked luggage, small rollers, or even backpacks.

Pros: Available in several colors, each set comes with 6 cubes of varying sizes. Good way to save space and stay organized.

Cons: Some people expected compression bags, which these are not.

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2. Gate Check PRO Stroller Travel Bag

Traveling with young children can be challenging, but this stroller travel bag makes things a little easier. It’s simply a cover for a stroller bag to protect it from scratches, moisture, and dirt. It’s made from water-resistant nylon, and it has a shoulder strap for easy carrying.

Pros: Has a shoulder strap for carrying, bag folds into a compact carrying pouch when not in use. A good option for those with young children.

Cons: Some reviewers disliked the drawstring closure.

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3. Luxebell Luggage Straps

One of the worst kinds of airport mishaps is a bag popping open when you’re running to the gate. These simple luggage straps clip around a bag to keep it closed. The length is adjustable for a secure and adjustable hold. They come in various colors and are sold in a set of two or four.

Pros: Available in various colors, which has the added benefit of making your bag easier to find. Straps are adjustable in length.

Cons: Difficult to adjust.

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