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Don’t get left in the cold (literally) at the Sundance Festival. Use the tool below to find available lodging for the 10-day event held in Park City, Utah.

Rooms are filling up fast, and some of the best hotels in town are already booked solid. Have you considered renting a private apartment instead of a hotel room? Maybe a vacation home is more your speed. Use this handy booking tool and you’ll be automatically connected to available lodging of your choice.

If you’ve truly mastered the art of procrastination and there’s absolutely nothing left in town, don’t trip over it. will give you options from the surrounding area where rooms are still available. The aforementioned apartment and vacation home are only seven miles from Park City.

Venture a bit further and you can stay at the Zermatt Resort and Spa. It’s a short drive, but you’ll revel in the beautiful landscapes. Plus staying at Zermatt lets you escape from the hubbub for some relaxation at their full service spa, which offers massages, manicures, pedicures and more.

If you haven’t booked your lodging for the Sundance Festival, take a couple minutes and do it right now. It will take minutes and it will keep you from having to turn your fabulous week at the festival into a soul crushing, 10-day snow camping adventure.

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