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The Nifty Brand Locker Lifestyle Makes Carrying Essentials On-the-Go Easier

On any given day we all needs a few essentials with us when leaving the house — our phone, keys, wallet and, in 2020, a mask. Each of these items is essential to the success of the day for a different reason, and must be readily available at any moment. If you hate purses like I do or prefer to move on your feet or a bike rather than a car, you need another method of transport for these items other than pockets. Don’t get me wrong, pockets are great, but they can fail you via pickpockets or loose fabric that bunches up, causing preciously important items to fall out and get lost. No more — not with Locker Lifestyle.

This brand is trying to revolutionize the way we carry and store gear on the move and has created multiple useful products to make that happen. Their aim is to make carrying items simple, and help us avoid placing or phone, keys or wallet down on potentially dirty surfaces so our most-touched items stay sanitary throughout the day.

They’ve got a Wrist Locker wrist wallet that can stash any sized phone as well as a Guard Locker Neck Gaiter with two different pockets available for storage.

Their products are well-designed, made of machine-washable fabric that’s moisture-wicking so you and your items stay dry throughout the day. We’ve included a rundown of each product below for your perusal.

Wrist Locker Wrist Wallet

It’s made to fit any size phone and comes in two different sizes depending on the size of the phone and wrist. It’s designed to keep valuables safe and accessible, and is made with one vertical seam so the entire pocket is open for storage of your keys, wallet, phone and cash.

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Courtesy of Locker Lifestyle


Guard Locker Neck Gaiter

This neck gaiter has a front pocket for an air filter and a side zipper pocket for stashing an extra mask as well as an ID, keys, wallet, etc. It comes with three 2.5 PM filters and is designed one-size-fits-all with a cinch cord for customizing an exact fit.

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Courtesy of Locker Lifestyle