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The Most Romantic Excursion in Seville, Spain

* A hot air balloon flight through the Andalusian countryside
* Enjoy an hour of birds-eye views over Seville
* Includes a flight certificate, hat, breakfast and glass of champagne

If beautiful Spanish countryside views, the wind flowing through your hair and undisturbed quietness hundreds of meters above the ground all sound like something that interests you, read on. This holiday season, you might enjoy a flight over the Andalusian countryside as part of your vacation getaway to Spain.

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To start your morning, you will be whisked off in a luxury, air-conditioned van from your hotel to the outskirts of Seville. Here, you will find a laid out colorful balloon waiting for you. After acquainting yourself with the pilot, running through a safety briefing and watching your vessel inflate, it’ll be time to step into the basket.

You’re free to take photos at any point during the day and there will be plenty of opportunities to capture memories on film along the way. Your exact route and take off time (usually between 6am and 8am) will be determined on the day, but common highlights include the stunning pine woods of Aznalcázar, Doñana Natural Park and the banks of Guadiamar River.

Once an hour has elapsed, your pilot will take you through a smooth landing. You will then return your van and travel to a local cafe to enjoy a traditional Andalusian breakfast. Typical meals include a mix of cakes, cereals, bacon, sausages and yogurt.

As you take in what you just experienced, you can celebrate your success by raising a glass of champagne with your pilot. A perfect way to finish your flight before you return to Seville.

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