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These Laundry Soap Sheets Allow You to Clean Your Clothes on The Go

* Doing laundry in hotels can be super expensive
* Wash your own clothes in the sink with these packable laundry detergent sheets
* Each pack includes 50 sheets, which is enough for a few vacations

Traveling brings many joys to life. Seeing new places, meeting new people and going on great adventures are just a few. But it also creates hassle. Moving hotels every few days and using public transportation in a strange city can be intimidating and tiring. But one thing most people don’t think about when packing for a vacation is laundry.

In an age where baggage restrictions are always getting tighter, it makes sense to start packing lighter. If you can travel carry-on only or even personal item-only, you’ll save loads of money on your airfare. However, doing so presents a major hurdle if you’re on an extended business trip or long vacation. How do you keep your clothes clean if you have to wear the same outfit more than once? The answer: You have to wash your clothes on the go.

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Sure, you could pay hotels to do your laundry for you, but at prices up to $10 per shirt, that could add up quick. There’s also the option of going to a laundromat, but who has time for that? Our hack? Learn how to wash your clothes in the sink using these super portable


To clean your clothes, you simply need to stop the sink, fill it with water and then add one to three of these sheets. Swirl the water around with your hands until the sheets dissolve and then scrub your dirty clothes in the sink. It’s that easy. In fact, the most challenging portion of this process is finding somewhere to hang your wet laundry when you’re done.

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Each pack of Travelon Laundry Soap comes with 50 sheets in a small, plastic container. These can be carried on any airplane as they are not a liquid, and they are easy to keep in your toiletry bag or any dry part of your luggage. Plus, when you aren’t traveling, these sheets are ideal for hand washing your delicates.

Get this packable travel laundry detergent and never suffer from body odor or smelly laundry on the road again.


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