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Don’t Toil Over Your Toiletries: 3 TSA-Approved Toiletries Bags For Easy Traveling

If you travel often, a dedicated toiletry bag is a seriously good idea. Especially if you tend to fly often on short business trips at short notice, having a go-to TSA-approved carrying bag for your travel toiletries makes packing a whole lot easier. You don’t have to mess with a Ziploc or try using some other small bag that may or may not be waterproof. Because it’s no fun unpacking your clothes to find they’re covered in sunscreen from an overheated tube, or having to clean toothpaste off your laptop, speakers or headphones.

To save you this toil, take a look at these three TSA-approved toiletry bags that keep your stuff dry, organized, and within plain view, so security can clearly see what you’re packing and have you on your merry way.

1. Lermende Toiletries Bags

These TSA-approved clear bags let you see at a glance that you haven’t forgotten anything. And it lets the security scanners easily look into your kit, so you don’t have to dump anything out. Made of transparent PVC, they’re waterproof and measure 5.9 x 7.7 x 2.5 inches.

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2. Anrui Clear Organizer

TSA-compliant and waterproof, these clear organizers are compact enough to fit inside most carry on bags and rigid enough to keep your toiletries from getting squished together.

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3. CableInTheBay Carry On Toiletries Bag

This TSA-compliant quart-sized toiletry bag is designed for airline carry on luggage and provides a clear, watertight place to carry your 3-oz bottles of lotion, shaving cream, toothpaste and more. Its durable zipper closure keeps things tight and secure.

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