Live Like a King By Visiting These 8 Real-Life “Game of Thrones” Locations

Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon
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* The season may be over, but you can relive the magic
* Visit a few famous GoT shooting locations in real life
* Shooting locations spread across parts of Europe and North Africa

The season may be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait a full year before you can visit the world of Westeros again. As the most awarded series in Emmy history, Game of Thrones certainly knows how to pick a location. But while the cinematography may look otherworldly, most of the shots take place in and around Europe. The best part: you can re-live your favorite scenes by visiting them IRL.

1. Pledge Your Allegiance to the Crown in King’s Landing

GoT King's Landing Image courtesy of HBO

While King’s Landing may be the largest city in Westeros, this is one place that’s anything but boisterous. Stationed near the coast of the Adriatic Sea, this small town in Dubrovnik, Croatia, is the main shooting location for King’s Landing. At this beachfront hotel, you’re privy to a gorgeous coastline, tons of restaurants nearby and beautiful sea views. We’re sure this is one hotel you’ll never want to leave.

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2. Take the Black in Rural Ireland

GoT castle black Image courtesy of HBO

Those beautiful first season shots of Castle Black where shot in none other than Ireland’s beautiful Magheramorne Quarry. While the location is fairly isolated, it offers unparalleled beauty. Take your vows at this majestic old estate, where you’ll have first-hand views of one of Ireland’s most iconic medieval towns. Trace the steps of the King in the North while enjoying world-class hotel service.

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3. Go Beyond the Wall in Beautiful Iceland

GoT beyond the wall Image courtesy of HBO

While most of the shots beyond the wall took place around different parts of Iceland, none were as spectacular as the Svinafellsjokull Glacier. Remember all those desolate scenes with the Night King and Mance Rayder trudging through the snow? Most of them were shot here. Only a few miles away, this spacious hotel will give you the rest you need to make your way across uncharted territory throughout the day.

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4. Journey North to Winterfell

GoT winterfell Image courtesy of HBO

Northern Ireland is home to many of the wondrous Winterfell shots, but none capture the show’s likeness better than Belfast. Nestled snuggly in the mountains, this beautiful hotel is only a few miles down the road from Ireland’s famed Castle Ward. Daily castle views, as well as private tours, are available throughout most of the year.

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5. Join the Unsullied as They Fight for Their Queen

GoT Astapor Image courtesy of HBO

Remember those jaw-dropping shots of Daenerys in Yunkai and Astapor? Most of them take place here, in the Moroccan port city of Essaouira. This incredible medieval city features beautiful beaches, gorgeous waters and an otherworldly quality that simply can’t be captured by pictures. Less than one mile from the beach, this elegant hotel offers more amenities than you could ever want.

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 6. Follow the Faceless Man in Croatia

GoT Braavos Image courtesy of HBO

The scenes where you see the free city of Braavos were shot in Croatia’s historical Sibenik. This beautiful port city features the St James Cathedral, where Arya first encounters the Braavosi. Waterfalls, beaches and more await, and you can soak in all the sites and Renaissance culture while getting your relaxation on in this beautiful 5-star hotel. This is one city you won’t mind getting lost in.

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7. Revisit the Free City of Volantis

GoT Volantis Image courtesy of HBO

In addition to supplying the backdrop for the warmer climates of Dorne, Spain is also home to Volantis, one of the nine free cities in Essos. You may have thought that gorgeous Season 5 shot of the Long Bridge was all CGI, but in reality, the bridge is actually known as the Roman bridge of Cordoba. Originally built in the first century BC, this hotel is perfectly positioned as a good middle point and is only a few blocks away from the bridge.

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8. Explore the Ancient Targaryen Seat at Dragonstone

GoT Dragonstone Image courtesy of HBO

As one of the most breathtaking views of the 7th season, the Island of Dragonstone is actually located in an inlet near the Spanish and French border. A stay at this hotel offers unparalleled views while conveniently placing you near many of Basque country’s most iconic sights. Revisit the land where Aegon the Conqueror flew to Westeros and united the Seven Kingdoms with fire and blood.

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