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Waze Teams With RapidSOS to Give Better Info on Traffic and Accidents

* Waze teams with RapidSOS to report traffic accidents and help first responders
* Expands carpool service in California
* Download now for iPhone and Android

After partnering with the Emergency Number Association to help first responders react more quickly to emergencies in Europe earlier this month, Waze is bringing the feature to the United States.

Engadget reports that Waze teamed with emergency tech company, RapidSOS, to give drivers and first responders real-time data about accidents.

Waze, a navigation app, crowdsources information to report on traffic, road conditions and traffic. The Haven app by RapidSOS dials 911, sends your location and provides other important information to the closest dispatcher.

Combined, Waze and RapidSOS plan to provide traffic reports as well as advance warning of accidents and other road incidents, thereby delivering a superior experience for Waze users. 911 centers connected to RapidSOS’s 911 clearinghouse will get live data from Waze, allowing them to respond more quickly to accidents. First responders will also get better information about crashes and accidents.

In addition to the new partnership with RapidSOS, Waze will also be expanding its ridesharing service in California. Beginning June 6, Waze Carpool users will be able to hitch rides with people headed in the same direction.

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