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Even If You Can’t Fly First Class, Your Pup Can in the Wild One Air Travel Carrier

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If you think air travel’s uncomfortable for humans, imagine being a dog. The big ones go underneath with the luggage in those hard plastic carriers, but even the little doggos who get to ride with the humans are stuck underneath the seat, trying to chill out in carriers of varying size and comfort. It’s safe to say they’re not any more jazzed about their accommodations than you are, and they don’t get drink service or a movie — even if they’re a really good dog.

Make your little four-legged friend’s ride through the skies a lot friendlier with Wild One’s Air Travel Carrier, the airline-compliant carrier that’s been all over Instagram and airport terminals alike since its release last summer. You’ll appreciate the style and ease of use, and your little fella will savor the comfort compared to that hard crate you threw an old bath towel and squeaky toy into to convince him he was flying first class. (It didn’t work, which is why he did that thing in your car after the flight was over.)

What makes the Wild One dog carrier superior to other options on the market? Here’s what you’ll love about it: the Neoprene outer body is attractive in tan or black, easily hand-washable, and has two outer pockets that can hold your phone or magazines without depriving the furry passenger inside any space. The shoulder strap can be converted into a leash, and there’s also a strap that allows you to slide the bag on the top of your rolling luggage while you’re booking it through the terminal. The cushioned travel mat inside the carrier is machine-washable and dryer-friendly, too.

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Courtesy of Wild One
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Courtesy of Wild One

And here’s what your 16-pounds-and-under buddy will love: the mesh walls are completely breathable and allow him or her to see what’s going on outside the carrier. And, if that’s stressing out the pup, you can close the privacy screens. Best of all, it doubles as a doggie bed. Unzip the front of the bag and the cushion folds out into a little canopy bed. And since it’s airline-compliant and sized to fit under most standard airplane seats without being too cramped, it’s basically a flying pet bed and a home away from home for your small dog.

The price tag — $125 — may seem steep, and you would not have to look hard to find far less-expensive airline-compliant carriers. But if you’re a regular traveler who can’t bear to be without your dog, this is a one-time buy that’s worth it. Not only will you feel less stressed knowing that your dog’s flying first class, but your pup will also feel less stressed thanks to the pure comfort of the Wild One carrier.

Wild One has been making a name for itself in the pet accessory market with products like this and their Commuter Carrier. Wild One is a team based in a Brooklyn office filled with happy doggos. Take a look at their line of quality products and it’s easy to tell these doggie carriers are made by dog lovers for dog lovers.