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BYOB Safely on Flights With the ‘Wine Wings’ Bottle Protector Sleeves

If you were previously too nervous to bring wine on your flight… well, now you can.

We’re not talking about walking on with a full glass (which we’re pretty sure you can’t do) but we’re referring to checking a bottle with your luggage in the hopes it makes it to your destination in one piece.

Maybe you attended a wine or whiskey tasting and picked up a few bottles to take home. You’re excited to gift them to friends, or maybe you just wanted to savor the flavors at home. Either way, you need a safe way to transport them back or else you’ve just lost yourself a lot of money.

That’s where the Reusable Bottle Protector Sleeve from Wine Wings comes in. They’re the answer to all your wine, beer, liquor and really any liquid transporting needs.

These were invented by a pilot who was sick of worrying about liquids busting beneath the cabin, and we don’t blame them.

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Courtesy of Amazon
Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Amazon

The sleeves are made with bubble wrap and a sturdy outer plastic wrap that’s designed to prevent breakage.

It’s got a triple seal at the bottom that combines two ziplock seals and a Velcro seal for extra protection in the air. If any damage does happen and you’ve got a leak you’ll still be covered.

They’re reusable and designed to pack flat so you can easily transport them on all your trips.

Don’t limit yourself to just wine! These are perfect for beer, liquor, olive oil, cologne and anything else in a glass bottle that can fit.

These have 700+ 5-star reviews on Amazon for their effectiveness. Pick them up for your next trip and you’ll see why they’re an Amazon top-rated pick.