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Ensure the Safety of Workers and Students Using a 12-Panel Drug Test Cup Kit

Testing for drug use can be a costly endeavor. The most reliable types of drug tests require a blood sample, which depending on the situation and location is not always possible. Urine tests are a fast and inexpensive method of testing for the most commonly used street and prescription drugs and have shown proven results in the past.

Urine tests often include a 12-panel drug test that tests for signs that a person is using a number of drugs. Results for a negative drug test typically only take one minute to show up, while a positive result can appear up to five minutes after the urine has been tested.

A 12-panel drug test is typically used by law enforcement officers, school administrators, employers and parents who are concerned that their children are abusing drugs. These tests can help ensure the safety of the person being tested and the safety of those around them. It’s important to note that these tests are not 100 percent accurate and false negatives and false positives are possible, meaning a more reliable test should be administered before action is taken.

For more on some of the most reputable 12-panel drug test cup kits available online, check out our list below.

1. Easy@Home Panel Drug Test Cup Kit

The Easy@Home Panel Drug Test Cup Kit provides a safe and effective kit for testing 12 commonly used drugs. Easy@Home tests each drug at their individual designated cut-off level. Results are shown clearly on the cup within five minutes and the set of five tests comes with a guide on how to read the results on each cup. Easy@Home is both FDA and OTC (home use) approved.

Pros: Easy@Home detects opiate metabolite at a 300 ng/mL cutoff level, which is up to six times more sensitive than the level tested by competitors.

Cons: Like other 12-panel kits, Easy@Home does not test for Fentanyl.

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2. Prime Screen 14-Panel Screening Multi Test Cup

Test quickly and accurately with the Prime Screen 14-Panel Urine Screening Multi Test Cup. Like the Areta, Prime Screen also tests for all 12 drugs included in a standard test as well as Tricyclic Antidepressants (TCA). Each cup includes a temperature strip to ensure the sample is fresh and has not been purchased online. The kit can also test for Creatinine, Specific Gravity and pH. The Prime Screen kits include a security seal for each cup, which also provides a space for labeling purposes. Prime Screen is FDA and OTC (home use) approved.

Pros: Prime Screen includes disposable gloves with their testing cups for a more sanitary and hygienic testing process.

Cons: Like all 12-panel tests, the results of the Prime Screen must be read within five minutes.

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3. EZ LEVEL 12-Panel Multi Drug Test Kit

For an affordable testing option, try the EZ LEVEL 12-Panel Multi Drug Test Kit. The EZ Level is designed as a card with six tests on each side. The EZ Level is over 99 percent accurate and tests for 12 commonly used drugs, which results appearing in five minutes.

Pros: The EZ Level is the smallest and most discretely designed test on our list.

Cons: Unlike the other three tests on our list, EZ Level does not state that they are FDA or OTC approved.

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