What’s The Buzz About Adaptogens and Why Do We Need Them? Here Are 3 Herbal Products To Add To Your Diet

Four Sigmatic Adaptogen mix
Courtesy of Four Sigmatic
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* We explain what adaptogens are and how to use them
* Super-herbs to help boost energy, help immunity, and balance hormones
* Capsules and powders with healthy herbs to add into your routine 

In the health and wellness community, there has been growing chatter about the herbal supplement, adaptogens. We have seen their many uses including in skin care and facial products as well as in the buzz-worthy “Brain Dust” whose powder aims to activate the brain’s functions. We are all about finding natural ways to better our bodies and minds, including hacks to boost our energy and maintain youthful skin. What is unique about adaptogens is that ancient Chinese practitioners and contemporary health advocates swear by the positive impacts these herbs may have on you. So, what are they and do we actually need them?

Adaptogens are described as natural herbs and substances that can increase the body’s resistance to stress, help us get over sickness and positively support normal bodily functions (metabolizing, sleeping) and have been used for centuries in Eastern Medicine. Some are much more well-known than others, like ginseng and turmeric which are used commonly in modern recipes and in nutritional smoothies, but there are plenty of adaptogens with even more benefits we want to explore.

And if you are still wondering if this is just another health craze that may pass when the next hidden treasure of wellness becomes widely marketed, let’s fill you in on a few things.

Popular adaptogens: 

  • Ashwagandha -extracted from a plant’s root to help manage stress
  • Maca – edible plant native to South America to enhance fertility and balance hormones
  • Reishi – a mushroom excellent for improving immunity
  • Cordyceps – a fungus that can help with male dysfunction
  • Holy Basil – an aromatic plant native to India to relieve stress

What do they do? 

They each do something very different, ranging from the immunity-boosting effects of cordyceps to ashwagandha’s aid with insomnia and anxiety. Make sure to read labels carefully so you know what you are getting in each product as there is often a variety of herbs mixed in with these consumer-ready powders.

How do we take them? 

As they often taste less than desirable, it is recommended to simply pop the clear capsules in your mouth with a glass of water or blend the powder into a smoothie or beverage of choice in small, regular doses (about 1 teaspoon a day) or as otherwise directed.

Here are a few recommended products from popular brands (Four Sigmatic, Sun Potion) that offer edible powders and capsules to boost your adaptogen intake—and hopefully, reduce those unavoidable stresses.

1. Four Sigmatic Adaptogen Blend Mix

This full-bodied blend has a long list of super mushrooms and herbs mixed into its powder that is really meant to be added into an already healthy diet to find balance and calm nerves. With everything from ginseng root and amla berries, this super-packed powder has a lot to offer. We recommend trying it out for yourself at different times during the day to see how your body reacts to the herbs as they could give you a little buzz of energy or relax you as you wind down for the day.

Four Sigmatic Adaptogen Blend Mix  Courtesy of Amazon


2. Sun Potion Organic Reishi

The certified organic reishi mushroom powder from Sun Potion hailed this popular fungus as the “queen healer.” The supplement is sourced from wild-harvested herbs and is designed to help with immunity, protect the liver, protect against environmental toxins and so much more. Add to coffee, soups, salads, and other foods for a daily dose of the herb.

Sun Potion Organic Reishi Courtesy of Amazon

3. Premier Research Labs Herbal Blend

For a readily consumable blend of adaptogens, Premier Research Labs has formulated this supplement to really aid with the lessening of stress for body and mind. This Adaptogen-R3 mix uses a fermentation process making it completely vegetarian while utilizing the botanical adaptogen, Rhodiola Rosea, that is meant to offer stress-relief and metabolic health. This product comes with 90 capsules and can be taken up to three times a day, but take capsules before 2pm, for the best results.

Premier Research Labs Herbal Blend Courtesy of Amazon

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