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Amazon Has Big Savings on Manduka Products Right Now to Make Your Yogi Resolutions a Reality

I know it’s hard to believe, but we’re only a few days away from the start of the New Year, which means that most of us are thinking about all of the various New Year’s Resolutions that were set for ourselves for 2023. While only 9% of people keep good on their resolutions, there’s no reason that you can’t be one of those lucky few!

The key to keeping good on your self-promise is to be prepared for your undertaking, and Amazon is here to help with some of that heavy lifting. With 15% off of an entire slew of products from the yogi-loved and trusted brand Manduki, you can feel confident that you’ll have all the necessary tools to slot yourself into the 9% spot. Plus, with Prime’s two-day shipping on all of these products, if you order fast enough, they’ll be on your door before the 1st. Like they always say, proper preparation prevents poor performance!

We dug through the sale and determined that these are the four items you should be throwing in your cart if your resolution is to become more in tune with your body and mind.

$76.50 $90.00 15% off

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The first step in starting your journey to spiritual awakening is making sure you’ve got a yoga mat that won’t have you thinking about how hard the floor is every five minutes. This extra grippy, sweat-resistant, Manduka mat is THE mat for all of your needs. With a non-slip grip, this mat is perfect and even recommended for a steamy hot yoga class. But of course, that’s not the only benefit of this luxurious mat. Using a zero waste method, Manduka sources natural tree rubber for their mats, and 6mm of the padded stuff on these bad boys also makes them the perfect mat for meditating and stretching.

$29.75 $35.00 15% off

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Now that you’ve got that beautiful shining mat in your arsenal, the next logical question is how you should be lugging it around. Sure, you could roll it up and try to keep it from unfolding in the back seat or trunk of your car, but why do that when you could be sporting this Manduka Go Play Yoga Mat Carrier? Complete with a zipper pocket for storing your phone wallet, keys, and towel, this sling carrier makes it the ultimate yoga class companion. It easily slips over any brand mat, which is also a great option for anyone with a nice mat. Did I mention that it’s water-resistant too?

$12.75 $15 15% off

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While the name of this Manduka Yoga Towel may hint that it’s intended for hands, don’t be surprised if you’re using this moisture-wicking, microfiber towel all over your face and body as you work your way through your routine. It’s got a “sweat-activated grip,” it’ll fit in your new trusty mat carrier, and it comes in fun colors such as “sage, midnight, and thunder.” While it may seem silly to buy a separate towel specifically for doing yoga, once you use it, you’ll be glad that you bought this one instead of using one of your dish towels.

$35.70 $42.00 15% off

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And finally, the last piece to your yogi New Year’s Resolution puzzle is these Manduka Yoga Cork and Recycled Foam Blocks. There’s a reason you see these scattered around most yoga studios, and it’s not for decor. The blocks help to maintain proper alignment, deepen your stretches, and stay safe by allowing you to get in positions that you might have otherwise strained your body to do. Coming in sets of two, they’re lightweight, responsibly sourced, and the last thing you’ll need to have your own little yoga studio at home if you practice by yourself.