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Drink Your Greens Without a Nasty Taste With Athletic Greens Supplements

We all know we’re supposed to eat our greens. Green leafy vegetables like kale and spinach are jam-packed with vitamins and minerals that we all need to live our best lives. But sometimes? They don’t taste as good as those other snacks calling our name, and that’s okay.

While we all try our best to live our busy lives and still find time to get enough sleep and eat a healthy diet, there are tools that can help us fast track our way to vitality. Athletic Greens is one of those tools.

If you’ve ever had a green smoothie combined with pineapple or mango, you know that sometimes it’s way easier, and faster, to drink your greens. That’s what Athletic Greens is all about, making all the health effects of greens accessible to anyone, with any lifestyle, with just a simple mix.

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Courtesy of Athletic Greens
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Courtesy of Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens is a supercharged supplement formulated with 75 different vitamins, minerals and real food ingredients sourced for their bioavailability and potency. The powder form it takes makes it easier to digest than your standard pill, and the added probiotics and digestive enzymes also help your body break down and absorb the nutrients.

Athletic Greens is the result of ten years of optimization research with nutritionists and doctors focused on delivering powerfully healthy ingredients in a way that’s easy on your body and healthy at the same time.

So, what’s in it? A lot of stuff. Vitamins, minerals and other ingredients that support nearly everything in your body from your immune system to digestion, recovery and hormonal balance as well. It’s also packed with antioxidants that counteract the potentially harmful cellular actions of free radicals in the body, about the equivalent of 12 servings of fruits and vegetables in each scoop.

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It includes dairy-free probiotics to improve gut health and prebiotics to help feed those probiotics and help them multiply. The mix also includes plant extracts and adaptogens to help your body efficiently handle and reduce the effects of stress, as well as immune-supporting mushrooms and digestive enzymes.

Basically, this formula is rock solid when it comes to nutrition and helping your body function at its best. Does it taste any good?

I’ve tried it and it really does. It tastes healthy-good, so it’s not going to satisfy you like a donut or a bowl of pasta will, but it doesn’t taste like a wheat grass shot either. It’s slightly sweet on the finish, and I actually look forward to drinking it every day.

You can buy it in bulk or in individual packets that you mix with water, and it’s designed to be enjoyed on an empty stomach, so I normally take it in the morning.

I can definitely feel a difference in my digestion, energy levels and overall wellbeing when I’m drinking it consistently, and it’s an easy way to get a lot of essential vitamins quickly and easily every day. You can drink it mixed in with water or add it to a smoothie to further mask it.

You can learn more about the specific nutrients included in the mix and about how Athletic Greens is made on their website. Their formula is keto friendly, vegan, gluten free and NSF-certified. It contains no harmful chemicals, artificial additives or other gunk you want to avoid anyway.