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AAA BCAAs: The 3 Best Branched Chain Amino Acid Supplements for Muscle Growth and Exercise Performance

* Branched-chain amino acids promote muscle growth and reduce soreness
* These BCAA supplements come in powder and capsule form
* Each supplement is loved by users and has thousands of positive reviews

Let’s have a quick biology recap. There are 20 different amino acids which can combine in different orders and ratios to produce hundreds of thousands of proteins to your body. Of these 20 amino acids, we give nine the title of “essential” as they must be consumed in your diet as your body is unable to synthesize them. Keeping up? Finally, of these nine essential amino acids, three have a specific branched chain structure. They are: leucine, isoleucine and valine.

While this spiel may seem a little random, it’s not. These branched-chain amino acids or BCAAs are the reason why many athletes and exercise enthusiasts eat “protein rich” foods like eggs, dairy products and meat.

BCAAs provide a number of benefits, such as promoting muscle growth, reducing muscle soreness, preventing muscle wastage and reducing post-exercise fatigue. They might also be an important factor in weight loss thanks to the face they allow your body to recover faster.

Give one of these top BCAA supplements a try for a dietary boost that benefits both your muscles and all-around body health.

1. Scivation Xtend BCAA Powder


offers a sugar, carbohydrate and calorie-free way to top up on BCAAs. It’s available in 18 different delicious flavors, including blue raspberry ice, mango madness, margarita and more. In addition, the recipe includes leucine for muscle protein synthesis, L-Glutamine and citrulline malate. This particular supplement also includes a range of electrolytes to keep you hydrated from the start of your workout until the end. Depending on your needs, the powder comes in four sizes, ranging from 20 to 90 servings.

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2. Cellucor Alpha Amino Recovery Powder

Drinking the

is as simple as scoop, shake and drink. It’s full of electrolytes to aid recovery and help prevent any post-workout muscle breakdown. It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and is available in five different flavors, including fruit punch, watermelon and grape. Each scoop of powder contains zero calories, zero sugar and zero calories.

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3. Optimum Nutrition Instantized BCAA Capsules

If you’d rather swallow a capsule than have to drink a powder, the

may be the choice for you. Inside each one, you’ll find a 2:1:1 ratio of leucine, isoleucine and valine. These capsules are ideal for supporting recovery as well as boosting endurance. You can choose between 60, 200 and 400 count bottles depending on your needs. Plus, these capsules are supported by over 1,100 5-star reviews from users happy with their results.

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