The Best Beard Growth Supplements Use Biotin to Achieve Fuller Facial Hair

best beard growth supplements
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Growing a beard can be challenging — the itchiness and dryness can make you want to give up. The worst part is having your facial hair come in only to realize that it’s patchy and uneven. Short of shaving it all off and resigning yourself to a clean-shaven life forever, it could be worth trying beard growth supplements.

Many beard growth supplements use the same natural vitamins and nutrients you might find in other supplements, but concentrated in amounts designed to encourage beard growth. If you’re not getting enough vitamins in your diet, beard growth supplements can be a way to bolster those deficiencies while improving the thickness and healthiness of your facial hair.

Common ingredients include zinc, which is crucial for the body’s immune system, vitamin A, which helps with skin and hair growth, and collagen, which helps with skin fullness. The real star of most of these supplements, though, is biotin. Biotin is also referred to as vitamin H or vitamin B7. It serves a natural function in the body of metabolizing fats and carbohydrates. In supplement form, it promotes healthy skin and nails, in addition to the growth of hair.

Many of the supplements on the list below come in traditional multivitamin capsules, which are designed to be swallowed like a pill. But if you struggle with swallowing pills or you want to concentrate growth, there are topical serums that are designed to be applied to the beard. Plus, there is a liquid biotin supplement that is designed to be swallowed. There’s even a gummy option.

So, in addition to having a full and lustrous beard, taking beard growth supplements can actually help with your overall health. These are some of the best beard growth supplements out right now.

1. Prime Beard Beard Growth Supplement

This beard growth supplement comes in a bottle containing 60 plant-based capsules. It contains a variety of vitamins and nutrients like vitamins A, C, D3, B1, B2, B6 and B12. Ingredients like biotin and collagen help with hair and skin growth. These supplements contain no gluten, soy or sugar.

Pros: Vegetarian capsules. Contains a variety of essential vitamins, proteins and minerals including biotin.

Cons: The pills are somewhat large and can be difficult to swallow.

prime beard beard growth supplement Amazon

2. Beard Grow XL

This bottle contains 90 vegetable-based capsules, and the capsules contain vitamins A, E, B1 and B12, in addition to biotin, niacin, riboflavin and other ingredients. The formula is vegan and gluten-free. In addition, the supplements are produced in the U.S. The formula also contains MCT, which you’ll also find in supplements designed to boost memory and brain function.

Pros: Vegan and gluten-free formula; contains ingredients like riboflavin and niacin which boost skin and hair health.

Cons: More expensive product. Designed to be taken three times a day throughout the day, which can be inconvenient.

beard grow xl beard growth supplement Amazon

3. Pure Research Biotin Liquid Drops

This serum focuses specifically on biotin. In fact, biotin is the only active ingredient in the formula, and it has a whopping 10,000 mcg of this vitamin. In addition to promoting hair growth, biotin also helps improve skin and helps with brittle nails. While the bottle looks similar to a beard oil that you might add topically, it’s actually meant to be consumed orally using the dropper. If you find the flavor unpleasant, it can also be mixed with water or juice.

Pros: Powerful hair growth supplement containing 10,000 mcg of the vitamin biotin.

Cons: Some may find the taste unpleasant.

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4. Lumberman Premier Beard & Hair Growth

Lumberman’s beard growth supplement is designed to be taken twice a day, so the 60 capsules will last one month. Like the other options, it’s formulated with vitamins A, C, D, E, B1, B2, B5 and B12, niacin and biotin. It also has selenium, which is an immunity booster, and choline, which helps with the liver and nervous system. In addition to improving facial hair, the supplement is designed to bolster hair, skin, and nail health.

Pros: Affordable 30-day supply, designed to promote healthy skin, hair and nails.

Cons: Limited information on whether capsules are vegetarian or contain soy, gluten, etc.

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5. Nobi Nutrition Premium Beard Growth Supplement for Men

Nobi Nutrition’s beard supplement relies on basic vitamins designed to enhance the growth of any kind of hair, whether it’s curly or straight. While some capsules are made using gelatin, these are vegetarian. An added bonus is that the plants the capsules are derived from are non-GMO. The mix of nutrients includes biotin, vitamin C and B, folic acid and zinc. In addition to helping hair grow, ingredients like biotin also improve skin and nail health. Each bottle contains 60 capsules.

Pros: Vital ingredients like biotin, which specifically bolsters hair growth and skin health. Capsules are vegetarian and GMO-free.

Cons: Some options are less expensive

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6. Viking Revolution Men’s Beard Growth Vitamin Supplement Tablets

This supplement contains most of the basic vitamins needed to promote natural hair growth. If you don’t know how to take care of your beard once it starts filling in, Viking Revolution has thought of that, too. This supplement includes a wooden beard comb with a fine-tooth side and a wide-tooth side. The capsules are vegetarian, and each bottle contains 60 capsules. The pills are free of hormones and simply rely on natural vitamins and nutrients to help with natural growth.

Pros: In addition to the 60-capsule bottle, the order includes a wooden beard comb.

Cons: Capsules have an unpleasant taste and aftertaste.

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7. Havasu Nutrition High Potency Biotin Gummies

For those who don’t like swallowing pills, a great alternative is taking biotin in gummy form. While the marketing and packaging are angled toward women, biotin is biotin. It can help men grow fuller facial hair, in addition to promoting healthy head hair, skin and nails. The gummies are also vegetarian, GMO-free and kosher. While the supplements themselves are not FDA approved (the FDA does not evaluate supplements), they are produced in an FDA-registered facility.

Pros: Third-party tested and produced in an FDA-registered facility. Easy gummy form for those who struggle with pills. Gummies are vegetarian.

Cons: Contains sugar and sodium, which may be a problem for some on a strict diet. It also contains tree nuts, which is a common allergen.

havasu beard growth supplement Amazon

8. Wild Willies Beard Growth Serum with Biotin & Caffeine

It’s no secret that taking pills can be unpleasant, so it may be worth considering getting a beard serum instead. Beard serums are intended more to promote growth in the beard you already have, as opposed to helping you grow one from scratch. The directions are to apply a small amount of serum to clean, freshly washed facial hair. It’s infused with biotin, which is one of the top ingredients for hair growth. There’s also caffeine, which helps stimulate the hair follicles.

Pros: Good option for those wanting to promote hair growth without taking gummies or pills. Contains caffeine and biotin, which stimulate and help hair grow.

Cons: Smaller bottle than some comparable options.

wild willies beard growth supplement Amazon

9. Prophet Tools Beard Oil

This beard oil from Prophet and Tools comes in a 60ML bottle and contains natural ingredients to promote beard growth and health. The focus of this particular beard oil is moisturizing, conditioning, and softening facial hair. It does this through essential oils like vitamin E, aloe and jojoba. However, there are no ingredients like biotin or other minerals. Rather, it helps hair grow by keeping the hair you already have healthy. If your focus is specifically on growth, this may not be the best option.

Pros: Natural ingredients like vitamin E, aloe, and jojoba help promote softness and healthy facial hair by moisturizing the beard.

Cons: Does not contain biotin, because the focus of this product is overall beard health.

prophet tools beard growth supplement Amazon

10. Beard Farmer Growther Beard Growth Oil

If you already rock a beard but want more growth and body, try Beard Farmer Growther Beard Growth Oil. Users can easily apply the oil by massaging it into their beard, stimulating the hair follicles and promoting more growth. Beard Farmer uses cold-pressed essential oils and natural ingredients like aloe, avocado, castor, flowers of sulfur, ylang-ylang, peppermint, rosemary, cedarwood and lavender to create their oil, as well as non-volatile, naturally derived carrier oils. The vegetarian oil can be used twice daily and one treatment only requires three to five droplets, depending on the size of your beard.

Pros: The oil repairs dry and damaged hair and can make your beard look and feel softer in three to five weeks.

Cons: Beard Farmer advertises their oil as having a neutral scent, but some users may detect a slight smell.

Beard Farmer Growther Beard Growth Oil Image courtesy of Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon

11. Maxx Beard Facial Hair Solution

Help improve the look and feel of your beard and mustache using Maxx Beard Facial Hair Solution. Combining nutrients like biotin and niacin with natural ingredients like argan oil, caffeine, pomegranate extract and black caster oil, Maxx Beard helps to soften your facial hair while also promoting new growth. The proprietary solution has over 10 critical ingredients that nourish and strengthen beards while also restoring optimal follicle vitality to allow for new thicker growth. The oil can be applied twice per day topically and massaged into the existing beard.

Pros: Maxx Beard Facial Hair Solution can be used on all skin types and can also be applied to sideburns. Generous three month supply.

Cons: Maxx Beard cautions that it can take up to six weeks before users see any results.

Maxx Beard Facial Hair Solution Image courtesy of Amazon

12. GROW Maximum XXL Beard Growth & Mustache Accelerator

Treat the hair you’ve got and get some help growing more hair with GROW Maximum XXL Beard Growth & Mustache Accelerator. The topical oil uses organic and natural vegan ingredients that are 100 percent free from harsh chemicals and drugs and contain zero DHT blockers. Safe for use on all skin types, GROW moisturizes facial hair, making it feel softer and hydrating it in order to reduce breakage and unsightly split ends. The oil has a slight peppermint scent, leaving beards smelling fresh and clean.

Pros: GROW can soften hair and soothe skin to help to reduce beard itch that often comes with new growth.

Cons: Some users may not see results for at least three months.

GROW Maximum XXL Beard Growth & Mustache Accelerator Image courtesy of Amazon

13. YouCopia Derma Roller for Beard Growth

For an alternative to supplements, try the YouCopia Derma Roller for Beard Growth. The kit includes one Derma Roller and one vial of serum, which together are designed to promote blood flow and hair growth on the face. Derma Rollers are beauty tools that are designed with tiny needle heads that can be gently rolled over the face to create small superficial holes. The small skin punctures send a message to the skin to treat the area as an injury and send blood to heal the wound. New blood vessels are formed and collagen is created, two things that help stimulate growth. Once a beard begins to grow in, users can apply the beard oil serum included with the kit.

Pros: Derma Rollers have also been found to help reduce the appearance of scars, wrinkles and sun damage.

Cons: The Derma Roller must be carefully disinfected before each use.

YouCopia Derma Roller for Beard Growth Image courtesy of Amazon

14. Zhou Nutrition Iron Beard

This pick from Zhou Nutrition is another option for those looking for a supplement in a pill form. The most crucial ingredient is biotin, and this capsule has 5,000 mcg per serving. One serving is two capsules, which is the dosage that the brand recommends per day. Other ingredients include collagen, which helps restore the hair’s natural amino acids. Like many of the other products on this list, the included supplements also help promote healthy skin and nails. The vegetable capsules are made with non-GMO ingredients.

Pros: Crucial ingredients like collagen and biotin that help promote hair growth and skin health. Other ingredients include vitamins A, C, B1 and niacin.

Cons: Unpleasant taste.

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