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Curb Allergies Naturally With These Bee Pollen Supplements

Bees have become a hot topic of discussion lately. When you’re young, you’re introduced to them via their ability to sting you and potentially cause an allergic reaction. Because of this, many of us grow up to fear them or at least want to avoid them at all costs. However, bees also play a critically important role in our environment, supporting ecosystems through their traveling from flower to flower, pollenating and sharing nutrients.

Bees can also provide us with powerful healing through the pollen they create. Bee pollen supplements are touted by many as a superfood and are even classified as medicine by the German Federal Board of Health. Why? Bee pollen may be able to curb the effects of a number of different ailments through a wide range of medicinal properties it possesses. Bee pollen may reduce inflammation in the body, work as an antioxidant, boost your immune system, help out your liver’s health, reduce stress and even help your body heal faster.

These are just a few examples of the magic that bee pollen can do for your system. How does bee pollen do this? Bee pollen’s original purpose is to be made into “bee bread” and brought back to the colony for the bees to feed themselves with. Because of this, it contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, lipids, proteins and carbohydrates that replenish the system and help your cells absorb the nutrients all in one go.

A tablespoon of bee pollen contains around 40 calories, 7g of carbs and 1g of fiber, and bee pollen can have up to two grams of protein per tablespoon — more than chick or beef for that same amount! According to Susan Curtis, the director of natural health at Neal’s Yard Remedies, “A single teaspoon [of bee pollen] contains over 2.5 billion nutrient-packed flower pollen granules,” said Curtis.

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“Bee pollen is the richest source of vitamins in a single food. A nutrient powerhouse of eighteen vitamins including a B complex, all essential amino acids, fatty acids, RNA/DNA nucleic acids, enzymes, and is at least 25% protein.”

Needless to say, bee pollen may be an excellent supplement to add to your diet. We’ve included a list of our favorite bee pollen supplements below. Please consult your doctor before adding any natural remedy or other medicine to your diet or routine.

1. Doctor Danielle’s Bee Wise Bee Pollen Supplement


If a straightforward bee pollen supplement that’ll blend in with your other vitamins is what you’re looking for, this one’s a great choice. Dr. Danielle’s formula actually combines three different natural bee products into one supplement with bee pollen, royal jelly — the nutritious jelly bees use to feed their queen, and propolis — the resin mixture made by bees out of their saliva and plant matter. Bee Wise is made by a licensed naturopath using only uses the highest quality ingredients.

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2. Greenbow Organic Bee Pollen


If you prefer your natural supplements to also be 100% certified USDA organic, this one’s one of the best bee pollen supplements that’s also organic. Greenbow bee pollen is completely organic and made with high standards of purity to be non-GMO, Kosher certified, gluten free and free from additives preservatives, colors or flavors. This supplement is dried at lower temperatures to better preserve the nutrients and is packed with nutrients including vitamin B complex, folic acid and healthy carbohydrates.

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3. Stakich Bee Pollen Granules — 5 Pound (80 Ounce) Container


If you’re ready to commit to that bee pollen life, this is one of the best bee pollen supplements to buy in bulk. This whole container is 100% pure, all-natural and unprocessed. Their bee pollen is high-quality and made with no additives. It’s been kept in cold storage away from direct sunlight to keep it from heating up and losing its nutrients. This delicate process keeps all of its jam-packed vitamins and enzymes in tact including B12, E, amino acids and minerals. Add a scoop of this to smoothies, shakes, your morning yogurt or other every day foods.

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4. Stakich Bee Pollen Granules 1 Pound (16 Ounce) Bag


The same brand as the option above also makes a 1-pound bag with all the same high-quality pollen packed with nutrients you want. This bee pollen supplement is 100% pure, natural and unprocessed. Their brand never heats or dries their pollen to keep their nutrients and vitamins in tact as well as the enzymes and minerals the pollen naturally possesses.

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5. Bulksupplements Bee Pollen Powder (100 Grams)


If you prefer to ingest your bee pollen in powder form, fully mixed into whatever you’re blending, scooping or slurping, bee pollen powder is the way to go. This is a clean and pure powder made from lab-tested bee pollen that’s been verified for its purity. It comes in a factory-sealed zip pouch with foil to protect the pollen from the elements, and it’s packed with vitamins and minerals.

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6. Stakich Bee Pollen Enriched Raw Honey (40 oz)


Raw honey packs its own set of benefits and when you combine it with bee pollen? Forget about it. This raw honey from Stakich is straight from the beehive and is completely unheated, unfiltered and unprocessed. It’s enriched with the trifecta of nutritious bee products — all natural royal jelly, bee pollen and propolis. This pure domestic US Grade A raw honey is certified kosher and contains zero preservatives, artificial colors of flavors. The production effectively maintains the natural enzymes, pollens, amino acids, propolis, minerals and vitamins. This honey is naturally energizing and sustaining, and a delicious way to live a more nutritious life.

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7. 50% Super Strength Propolis


Propolis is technically honey bee pollen adjacent but nonetheless contains powerful vitamins and minerals. Propolis is made when the honey bee’s saliva is combined with the plant matter it collects, resulting in a powerfully nutritious natural compound. This tincture from Y.S. Eco Bee Farms contains 50% super strength liquid propolis and full-potency bioflavonoids. It supports a healthy, robust immune system as well as provides antioxidant support for free-radical-fighting power! This Propolis is captured and harvested at precisely the right time for capturing the full spectrum of essential tree resins present in a variety of locations and seasons.

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