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Improve the Health of Your Eyes, Heart, Stomach and More with Bilberry Supplements

When it comes to adding a supplement to your daily routine, using a product that can help address several issues is an efficient way to streamline your routine and ensure you aren’t spending half the day popping pills. That’s why we like bilberry supplements, which take the berries and leaves from the bilberry plant to address a number of common health issues.

A close cousin on the blueberry, bilberry has a high concentration of the antioxidant anthocyanins, which have health benefits. Having been used for medical purposed for centuries, bilberries were in high demand during WWII when they were believed to help improve night vision. Now people use bilberry supplements for a variety of ailments, including poor eyesight, stomach issues, cardiovascular issues and more.

Bilberries can be eaten in the fruit form and the leaves are often made into tea. One of the easiest ways to ingest a high dosage of bilberry is in supplement form. We’ve rounded up the best bilberry supplements that have a little something for everyone.

1. Sym Nutrition Bilberry Extract

Packed with a nutritional makeup that is 25% anthocyanins, the Sym Nutrition Bilberry Extract is designed to help improve eyesight, memory and cognition. Made in a GMP-registered facility in the US, the Sym supplements are free from fillers and are GMO and gluten-free as well as vegan. One bottle contains 120 servings, which can be taken as often as necessary with food up to five times per day.

Pros: Unlike most supplements, the Sym capsules are small and measure only 0.8″ x 0.3″, making them comfortable to swallow.

Cons: Some options may be more economical.

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2. Puritans Pride Bilberry

For an affordable option, we recommend the Puritans Pride Bilberry. The bottle comes with 180 rapid-release soft gels which contain 250mg of bilberry extract and can be taken up to two times per day. As the pills are soft gels, they’re quite easy to take, and an ideal supplement for those who hate swallowing large pills. As with most of the supplements on our list, these are recommended to be taken with food for best results.

Pros: The Puritans is one of the only soft gel capsules for bilberry supplements available.

Cons: The Puritans use soy, which some users may have a sensitivity to in food and supplements.

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3. Jarrow Formulas Bilberry and Grapeskin Polyphenols

Combining bilberry and grape skin, the Jarrow Formulas Bilberry and Grapeskin Polyphenols supplement strengthens your eyes by using antioxidants to reduce capillary permeability and fragility. Farmed from bilberry bushes in Sweden, this is the only product on our list that is combined with red grape skin. Jarrow recommends taking once or twice a day (max) for best results. And as always, be sure to take this with food!

Pros: The Jarrow is the only supplement on our list with a focus on the antioxidants of red grapeskin, which are full of nutrients to improve eye health.

Cons: The Jarrow have only 80 mg of bilberry per serving, which is significantly lower than the other supplements.

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4. Real Herbs Bilberry Extract

Promote blood circulation and improve your vision using Real Herbs Bilberry Extract. The once or twice daily supplements are packed with the antioxidant properties of bilberry extract, which improves blood circulation by pushing oxygen to different parts of the body. This helps to reduce LDL cholesterol, which can cause plaque buildup around the heart. Real Herbs recommend using their supplements after large meals, with the capsules helping to regulate blood sugar levels and the body’s glucose response.

Pros: Each capsule contains 375 mg of bilberry extract, the highest of all the supplements on our list.

Cons: Real Herbs supplements are vegetarian but contain rice flour, which some users may be sensitive to in their diet.

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5. Nature’s Way Bilberry Standardized Extract

If you’re looking to try bilberry but don’t want to invest in a large bottle, try the 90 vegetarian capsules in the Nature’s Way Bilberry Standardized Extract Veg Capsules. Each capsule contains 160 mg of bilberry and is used to help improve the health of eyes. Nature’s Way is a trusted name in the supplement market, which is why we’re a fan of this bottle. Though it is a little on the pricey side, if you’re unsure whether or not bilberry is worth your time, Nature’s Way gives a great place to start.

Pros: Nature’s Way is vegetarian, gluten-free and does not include sugar, salt, yeast, corn, soy or dairy products.

Cons: Nature’s Way has the least number of servings out of all the supplements on our list and is still one of the most expensive.

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6. NOW Bilberry Supplement

Packed with Beta-carotene and riboflavin, which are super-carotenoids that help with everything from heart health, cataracts, chronic fatigue and more, the NOW Bilberry Supplements are a great comprehensive answer to treating multiple issues at once. Made with carrot powder and citrus bioflavonoids, the NOW supplement is used by a wide variety of customers to treat common issues.

Pros: Customers can feel secure using NOW supplements, which are free from dairy, egg, gluten and soy and are made in a facility with NPA A-rated GMP certification.

Cons: Because the NOW supplements are made with natural ingredients, there is some color variation in the capsules.

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