The 12 Best Bread Knives for Slicing the Perfect Loaf in 2021

best bread knife
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The best kind of knife for slicing bread is a bread knife. Who would have thought? Not all knives are as easy to decipher by name, but with the best bread knife, it’s as simple as that.

Let’s keep it real. We know you spent the last year in quarantine baking anything that came to mind when you woke up in the morning. We can’t even count how many loaves of bread have risen in your oven in that amount of time. But, you did it. You figured it out. You’ve perfected the perfect loaf of bread. Now, you just need the best bread knife so you can get slicing and share your creations with others as COVID-19 dwindles.

There are a few distinctive features on a bread knife, which we’ll go over below. You may already have a picture of one in mind but have never considered the intricate design details which make it the best for slicing. 

When selecting the best bread knife for you, here are a couple of the features you should look out for, especially on the blade: 

  • Blade Edge – The most recognizable and important feature of a bread knife is its serrated edge. The super sharp texture of the blade’s edge ensures a successful cut, regardless of the crustiness of your bread. (And, it can cut a lot more than just bread.)
  • Blade Length – As a rule of thumb, a bread knife blade should be at least eight inches or longer. If you’re a big loaf lover, then perhaps a few inches more would be suitable. Equally, if you’re confined by a small kitchen with little elbow room, there are smaller options out there. 
  • Handle – To keep your slices even and your cuts comfortable, an ergonomic, well-designed handle is key, especially as most break knives are longer than the average knife. The handles also come in a range of styles and colors, so you can find one to suit your kitchen style. 

Whether you fancy yourself the next Masterchef or not, having a sharp and stylish bread knife will help you make sandwiches with a smile on your face. You could even go all out and get a full matching knife set, so you’re ready to tackle any dish with a professional twist. 

We’ve searched through online retailers to bring you the best bread knives available for home delivery. We’ve also included a few of the best full knife sets, including blocks for the committed cooks and bakers out there.


1. Orblue Bread Knife


Here we have it, the classic bread knife. Orblue has created this lovely stainless steel slicer. It’s everything you’d want and expect from the best bread knife. It has a super-sharp eight-inch blade and a five-inch handle designed for a sturdy and safe grip. Plus, the whole knife is made from one continuous piece of stainless steel, so the handle will never separate from the blade. This versatile bread knife is able to cut through any similar texture with ease, including cakes, pastries and bagels.

Orblue Bread Knife Courtesy of Amazon


2. Mercer Culinary Offset Bread Knife


Considering it looks more funky and futuristic than most bread knives, you might expect the Mercer Culinary Offset Bread Knife to be one of the most expensive on our list. However, you’d be wrong as it actually has the lowest price tag. The offset handle allows for more room between your knuckles and the chopping board, so there’s plenty of space for big hands with this style of bread knife.

best bread knife mercer culinary serrated Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Mercer Culinary Bread Knife


The Mercer Culinary Bread Knife is one of the best bread knives on Amazon with 4.9 stars out of five and almost 10,000 5-star reviews. Best of all? It comes at a total bargain. It’s also one of the most color-coordinated knives available since you can choose from eight different handle colors. The colored area of the handle is created from polypropylene to make it durable, and the consistently black top and bottom are made of Santoprene for comfort.

best bread knife mercer culinary millennia serrated Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Out of the Woods of Oregon Bread Slicer


This isn’t the average best bread knife, but it is a very beautifully designed one. The bow shape of the Out of the Woods of Oregon Bread Slicer might be the most interesting new addition you’ve made to your utensil drawer for a while. Its wooden frame and handle are available in three different finishes, namely mahogany, walnut and maple. Although the blade itself is thin, don’t underestimate it. This is a blade just like those used in factories for slicing for hours on end.

best bread knife out of the woods of oregon mahogany Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Misen Serrated Knife


It’s without question that we’re considering Misen one of the best knife brands. This brand is able to make some of the highest-quality knives we’ve ever seen at affordable prices that almost feel illegal. We’re not going to ask any questions, because we’re here for it. This serrated knife can effortlessly tackle a loaf of bread in a way no other knife has before, easily making it one of the best bread knives we’ve ever seen. It’s made with Japanese steel for a powerful slice and has a sloped bolster to keep your fingers safe. With this knife, you’ll get perfectly sliced bread in no time.

Misen Serrated Knife Courtesy of Misen


6. Dalstrong Bread Knife


Dalstrong makes some of the most sought-after knives in the entire world, so it should come with no surprise that we’re naming this baby one of the best bread knives for slicing loaves in 2021. Make every slice count with this gorgeous 9-incher, whether you’re working with soft or hard crusts. The design is so pristine that it minimizes crumbs and juice leakage (if you’re cutting melons or other fruits) so you can keep all the flavor packed inside your food.

Dalstrong Bread Knife Courtesy of Amazon


7. Cuisinart Knife Set


Brighten up your chopping board with this rainbow of knives from Cuisinart. The colorful knife set includes a striking red bread knife along with five other types of kitchen knives. One of the great things about the colors used for this set (other than their vibrant tones) is that you can use them to coordinate which knife can cut which type of food. So, not only do they look good, but they’re also extremely useful.

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cuisinart knife set , multicolor collection 12-Piece knife set Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Imarku Bread Knife


The Imarku Bread Knife comes presented in a beautiful, strong structured black box. Inside there’s a cutout zone in which the knife can be placed to fit exactly to protect the blade or give the knife as a gift. The blade of the knife is made from stainless steel imported from Germany to achieve the best finish and the ultimate strength. The handle of the knife is made from Pakkawood and is ready to help your hands withstand a lot of chopping and keep your grip comfortable.

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imarku serrated knife in presentation box Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Bambusi Bread Slicer with Knife


If you want sliced bread like you got it from the bakery, the Bambusi Bread Slicer would be a great kitchen addition. This handy device works to help you keep your cuts consistent. Simply place your loaf into the Moso Bamboo holder and then use the stainless steel bread knife to slice in between the horizontal gaps. This would also make a wonderful housewarming or wedding present.

bambusi bread knife and slicer set wood Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Five Two Essentials Knives


Food52 has launched their very own in-house brand called Five Two, and lucky for you, they’ve put a bread knife in their range. The handle of this knife is beautifully designed, and it’s available in four earthy tones to suit a modern kitchen. As an added bonus, Five Two also makes a paring knife and a chef knife in the same style. So, you could choose to buy just one or two knives or to invest in the full set.

knife set essential Image courtesy of Food52


11. Victorinox Perfect Slice Bread Knife


Claiming to be the perfect bread slicing knife is quite a statement to make. But, it would seem the Perfect Slice Bread Knife is exactly that. The traditionally shaped bread knife comes with an attachment you can clip on with ease. This will guide you in cutting the perfect slices. If you don’t want to use the guide, that’s not a problem. You can just pop it off and keep on slicing freestyle.

victorinox swiss army perfect slice knife with guide Image courtesy of Food52


12. Berti Bread Knife


The Berti Red-Handled Italian Kitchen Knives collection is a true masterpiece when it comes to cutlery. Since 1895, Berti has been making knives like this, so it’s no wonder they’ve perfected their craft. They’re bursting with history and ready to tackle the slicing of any food. You can select to buy the bread knife individually and also choose whether you’d like its accompanying piece of block or not. We’d suggest the full set, and all the blocks to go with it, too.

Berti Red-Handled Italian Kitchen Knives Image courtesy of Food52


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