Hack Your Hangover: Bulletproof’s Energizing Supplement Aims to Help

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* Bulletproof wants to make your hangover a little less painful
* Ingredients include brain octane oil, CoQ10, and PQQ
* Designed to build mitochondria in the body for a boost of energy

Can you really hack those hard-core hangovers before they set in? The minds behind the brand, Bulletproof (Dave Asprey’s biohacking brand that creates their own supplements and nutrition products) are aiming to break the cycle of the brutal effects from indulging in a little bit too much alcohol, including low energy and other lingering traces of booze. When the more standard (and a bit cheaper) methods that usually help set you straight aren’t working hard enough, Unfair Advantage wants to step in. They don’t actually claim to help with hangovers, but instead target the same symptoms many of us have dealt with by addressing the bodies’ negative responses to too much booze. To do this, the main ingredients in the supplement promotes the mitochondrial efficiency in the body along with other supplements to heighten awareness, focus, and ability to process food and drinks in the body.

Okay, but what do the mitochondria actually do in the body, you ask. Well, they are vital parts of our cells that convert oxygen and nutrients into energy so the body can continue to metabolize as it naturally should. Below, we break it down a little further to understand what Unfair Advantage does to helps the cell’s “power-up”—if you will—so you can get out and on your way.

Bulletproof’s Unfair Advantage Supplement

What’s in it: Brain octane oil is a product we have featured before that is used in the popular Bulletproof coffee that Asprey is known for. Made from 100& coconut oil, it aids in fat-burning and giving the body instant energy. In addition to this natural ingredient is CoQ10 and PQQ, both naturally occurring enzymes in the body that support mitochondrial health. Yes, those mitochondria! The ones we know all about by now. So, together, these 3 main ingredients are combined to put the body into a quick response mode to process substances in the body quicker and give the brain a healthy boost to think sharper.

How to take it: The pack comes with 30 ampules filled with an orange-substance that is made up of the ingredients mentioned above. Bulletproof recommends you take one ampule up to four times per day and as needed for a jolt of energy. The product may help with athletes during competitions, for students taking exams, and anytime you need added energy (minus the jitters).

What consumers are saying: Amazon’s verified purchasers are not raving about this product (some even warding off potential buyers), but other sites like Optimoz, who are avid Bulletproof users and supporters, have sworn by Unfair Advantage. The ones who do see a difference in their bodies response say that you need to continue using it for at least a month for serious results to occur. We did not find any reviewers that could promise it cured a hangover but instead gave them sustained energy and quicker mental responses, which when dealing with the aftershock of a late night out, could really come in handy.

Bulletproof Unfair Advantage Image courtesy of Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon


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