The Easiest Ways To Add More Calcium To Your Daily Routine

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The importance of calcium in our diet has been ingrained in us since the time we were able to drink. As kids, the repetitive and memorable “Got Milk” commercials reinforced the importance of calcium in our diet and how drinking milk will make our bones strong.  Calcium doesn’t just play a part in our bone health, but it also helps support our nervous system, teeth, bloodstream, heart, and muscles. The most common way to incorporate calcium into your diet is through dairy products like milk and cheese. But, if you are lactose intolerant, vegan, or you just don’t like the taste of dairy, you can get your daily dose of calcium through these vitamins and supplements.

1. Nutricost Pure Calcium Citrate Powder

The Nutricost Pure Calcium Citrate Powder is a powerful supplement that you can easily add to any smoothie. Most adults need at least 1,000 mg of calcium per day. This supplement has 650 mg per serving, so if you add two servings to your smoothie you’ll easier clear your quota. This supplement’s powder form is also a great option for those who have a hard time swallowing pills as calcium pills tend to be rather large.

PROS: Affordable price for the amount you get. Comes with 500 grams per bottle.

CONS: Some reviewers had trouble dissolving the powder in hot drinks.

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2. Nutricost Calcium Carbonate Powder

The difference between Calcium Carbonate compared to Calcium Citrate is that Calcium Carbonate generally contains around 40% elemental calcium where Calcium Citrate contains a little less elemental calcium. Also, Calcium Carbonate is usually cheaper than Calcium Citrate. Calcium Carbonate could be cheaper because it needs to be taken with food and requires a full stomach to absorb properly where as Calcium Citrate can be taken without food. This Nutricost Calcium Carbonate Powder is reported to have no after taste so it easily blends into you food or drinks. Aside from providing your daily dose of calcium this supplement can also act as an acid neutralizer and help relieve acid reflux.

PROS: No after taste.

CONS: Recommended to be taken with food.

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3. Vitafusion Calcium Supplement Gummy Vitamins

The Vitafusion Calcium Supplement will have you looking forward to taking your calcium supplement everyday because it comes in fruit flavored gummies. These gummies have 500 mg of calcium per serving; one serving size is equivalent to two gummies. One of the best things about these delicious tasting, easy to chew vitamins is that they don’t contain any high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners. If you are a parent who wants to make sure your kids are getting their daily dose of calcium and improving their bone and teeth health, your kids won’t fight you to take these vitamins. This is also a great option for adults to take who have trouble swallowing pills.

PROS: Great taste.

CONS: Only contain 500 mg per every 2 gummies. In order to take recommended daily dose of 1000 mg of calcium you have to eat 4.

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