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Fit For The New Year: Celebrity-Approved Diets to Try in 2019

* New eating plans and the celebs who swear by them
* Shed your holiday weight fast
* Get a healthy and energized start to 2019

The weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve are notorious for indulgence, and the start of a new year is ground zero for a healthier start. We’ve pulled together 4 of the most popular (and celebrity-approved) diets right now to help jump-start your health kick for 2019.

1. Paleo Diet

This diet has been summed up as “eating like a caveman” because it basically allows you to eat anything that could be hunted or gathered like the days of a caveman – lean meats, fish, vegetables. Fruits and whole grains make it in to your diet at later stages, but it starts out strict. Celebrity Proof: Take a look at the lean physique of Jessica Biel, who is reportedly a fan of this diet plan.


2. Atkins Diet

Atkins has been around for a while, but this low-carb diet still remains popular even decades after founder Robert Atkins introduced the diet. Pasta, bread and even fruit are no-no’s on this diet, with protein-rich and high fat foods moving in as the focus of each meal. Celebrity Proof: Kim Kardashian’s sculpted bod.


3. The Alkaline Diet

The Alkaline Diet helps create more a more balanced alkaline environment to reduce inflammation in our bodies, which can combat diet-related diseases in addition to helping improve your physique. Inflammation is associated with high cholesterol, hypertension and many kinds of cancer, so it’s a lifestyle diet you’ll want to stick. Celebrity Proof: The ever svelte Victoria Beckham.


4. The Ketogenic Diet

Eating a high-fat diet sounds counterintuitive, but that’s what the “Keto” diet is all about. Arguing that a diet high in natural, healthy fats can actually help your body burn fat is the premise of this eating style, encouraging satiety through healthy fats and cutting back on carbs. Celebrity Proof: The ageless beauty of Halle Berry. Make sure to check out our complete guide to Keto here.