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Here’s Why You Should Always Keep Essential Oils Handy

There’s a lot that goes into digestion, so it’s no surprise then, that poor digestion can lead to major issues. If your guts are nuts, the rest of your body is going to be affected.

As we learn more about how much our digestion affects other parts of our body, finding new and natural ways to aid in digestion is becoming increasingly important. Enter: essential oils. Sure, they smell nice, but with ingredients like ginger, peppermint, and cardamom, essential oils may also help facilitate better digestion. Here are the best essential oils to get for indigestion.

1. DoTerra DigestZen Essential Oil Blend 2 Pack

This DigestZen blend is comprised of ginger, coriander and fennel to soothe motion sickness, indigestion, gas, bloating and general stomach discomfort. Use it topically or diffuse it in an essential oil diffuser to enjoy the aroma throughout your space. It can also be taken orally.

Pros: Smells great, can be taken in multiple ways.

Cons: More expensive than other brands.

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2. Zhou Nutrition Organic Black Seed Oil

This particular black seed oil from Zhou Nutrition is cold-pressed and 100% pure and organic. The oil comes in an easy-to-swallow pill form that’s vegetarian.

Pros: Easy-to-swallow pill form, economical, organic.

Cons: Pills have a distinct aroma.


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3. Edens Garden Key Lime Essential Oil

Apply this Key Lime blend from Edens Garden topically or breathe it in through a diffuser to aid your stomach ache.

May aid in consistently healthy digestion and the aroma is pleasant as well. Plus, it’s personally sourced and hand-poured by a women-owned and family-operated business so you know you’re getting only the best quality.

Pros: Sweet aroma, 100% pure blend, dependable brand.

Cons: Potent, needs to be diluted to use.

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4. Red Silks Essentials Organic Ginger Root Essential Oil

Red Silk Essentials has made a ginger root oil for nausea and digestion that’s made from organic zingiber officinalis, extracted directly from the roots in Africa and China. It’s a natural reliever of nausea and upset stomach with no additives, fillers or carrier oils.

Apply it topically with a carrier oil or diffuse it and breathe it all day long.

Pros: Organic, great for nausea, sourced directly from the root.

Cons: Not as versatile as other essential oils.

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5. Zongle Peppermint Oil

It’s made using methods that benefit the environment as much as it soothes you without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or genetic engineering. It’s a natural digestive reliever and bug repellant. It promotes healthy intestines and is completely GMO and paraben-free.

Pros: Safe to ingest, environmentally sustainable, affordable.

Cons: Bottle dropper doesn’t include measurements.

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