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Be Nice to Your Nose With These Thick, Soft and Absorbent Facial Tissues

In previous generations, it was almost unheard of to leave the house without a handkerchief. The cotton or linen pieces of square fabric were used to do everything from blow your nose to clean a seat before sitting down. Handkerchiefs were also a way to show your manners by offering a clean piece of fabric to someone in need or cover your mouth when coughing. Now we have disposable facial tissues that do all the same things but with a more hygienic approach.

It’s tough to think of a situation when we don’t need a tissue. Sure, they’re a must-have during allergy season or when a cold or the flu strikes, but facial tissues have a purpose year-round, regardless of the weather. Sweating before your big meeting? Dry your forehead and palms with a tissue. Crying during your best friend’s wedding? Dab your eyes with a tissue. Spill your coffee all over your car on the way to work? Clean up the mess with, you guessed it, a tissue.

While most facial tissues can be used for the same purpose, the options of which tissues to use are much broader and diverse than you would think. There really is a perfect tissue for every situation. To find out which tissue(s) you need to incorporate into your daily life, check out our comprehensive ‘best of’ list below. Gesundheit!

1. Puffs Plus Lotion Facial Tissues

We’ve all had those days where we can’t stop sneezing. And one of the worst parts of these sneezing attacks is that by the end, it feels as though our nose will surely fall off. Well, thankfully that never happens. But more importantly, Puffs stepped up to help tackle the issue head-on. Instead of providing basic tissues, Puffs imbued their tissues with lotion to help soothe your nose as you fight your allergies. The set comes with 10 cubes, each with 52 tissues for a total of 520 tissues per order.

Pros: Includes lotion in their tissues to provide extra comfort and care.

Cons: Only available in a pack of 10, which may be more than desired.

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2. Solimo Facial Tissues

Whether you’re looking for a big stockpile of tissues to keep on hand all year or need to outfit numerous rooms at once, the Solimo Facial Tissues are the way to go. This affordable option includes 18 boxes with 75 tissues, making them the biggest boxes on our list. The Solimo set comes with a total of 1,350 tissues in total and is comprised of a variety of brightly colored boxes that will fit into any décor.

Pros: You can feel good about using Solimo tissues, which are made in conjunction with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Certified Sourcing and are comprised of fibers from responsibility sourced trees.

Cons: The Solimo tissues are only 2-ply and aren’t as thick as other options.

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3. Kleenex White Facial Tissue

Keep a tissue on hand wherever you go with the Kleenex White Facial Tissues. The compact and convenient travel packs are 4.25” high, making them the ideal size for discreetly fitting into jacket and pant pockets, briefcases, backpacks and more. Each pack contains 10 of the high-quality, soft and durable 3-ply facial tissues that Kleenex is renown for making.

Pros: It is 3-ply and super soft.

Cons: The most expensive on our list.

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