If You Have Chapped Lips That Never Seem to Go Away, Try This Solution

best lip balm for dry chapped
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* Certain lip balms contain ingredients that will actually dry out your lips
* This balm utilizes natural ingredients like Shea Butter to moisturize
* Keep your lips protected through summer and all year long

There can be a variety of culprits behind your dry lips: the weather, habitual licking, dehydration or certain kinds of medication. Unlike other areas of your skin, lips don’t have hair follicles or oil glands of their own, and instead rely on the surrounding glands for hydration, making it easier for them to dry out.

One of the issues with many brands of lip balm is that they can sometimes employ compounds like hyaluronic acid and glycerin, which actually pulls moisture out of your lips. Shea Butter, on the other hand, contains 60% (good) fat, making it extremely emollient, and ideal for hydration. This superfood is derived from the seeds of the Shea (also known as Karite) tree, and can not only offer UV protection, but can also encourage collagen production for fuller, softer, smoother lips. You know how you slather shea butter on your body? Same principle applies here for your puckers.

Light Mountain Karite Lip Balm Amazon

Aside from moisturizing, there are certain properties of Shea Butter, including cinnamic acid, that can even reduce inflammation and soothe irritation. While this may cost a little more than you typically spend on lip balm, it’s worth trying if you’ve been let down by brands in the past, and you’re struggling to find the right variety for your lips. Once applied, its long lasting formula can protect your lips for hours, preventing you from bothering with constant re-application.

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This popular lip balm also comes in a vanilla flavor, made with pure vanilla extract.

First developed in 1990, Karite Lips has been making these rave-worthy lip balms for all genders and ages ever since. Each lip balm is certified vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free, and the products are never tested on animals. Inspired by the no-fuss skincare routines in France, these lip balms are proudly made in the USA.

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