Banish Bad Breath for Good With the Best Natural Gums

stop bad breath with natural gum
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*Natural gums to fight bad breath
*Options for people with food intolerances and allergies
*Variety of minty and fruity flavors

National Bubble Gum Day is February 1st, and while you may not be unwrapping Bazooka comics or unrolling Hubba Bubba tape nowadays, you can still celebrate by reaching for natural gum to combat bad breath.

Whether you’re in need of a palate cleansing after lunch or super fresh breath before a date, natural gum is the way to go. That said, most of the processed gums you might buy at the grocery store are full of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. Gum base, the primary ingredient listed for most processed gums, is a blanket term that can cover a variety of unnatural ingredients, including plastics, rubbers and acetate.

Natural gums, on the other hand, are non-GMO certified, more economically sustainable and contain far fewer harmful ingredients. So for this National Bubble Gum Day, take part in the festivities by checking out these five natural gums to overcome bad breath.

1. Simply Gum

From its vegan, synthetic-free ingredients to its modern paper packaging, Simply Gum prides itself on being completely biodegradable. Simply is made in the USA and comes in nine flavors like peppermint, fennel and maple, which are infused into the gum rather than just coated on top for longer-lasting freshness.

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2. PUR Gum

PUR Gum, which is conveniently sold in resealable bags, was created with food intolerances in mind. Each piece is soy, nut, peanut, gluten, sugar and aspartame free, as well as vegan. Plus, all of PUR’s eight refreshing flavors, including spearmint, pomegranate mint and chocolate mint, are crafted from MSG-free powders and essential oils.

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3. Glee Gum

Glee Gum is taking gum production back to its roots with a sustainably harvested chicle base. Chicle is a tree sap found in the rainforests of Central America and was the main ingredient in gum before the mainstream shift to chemical and plastic ingredients. Glee’s 11 flavors, five of which are sugar-free, are as bright as their retro packaging and range from fruity tangerine to spicy cinnamon.

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4. Tree Hugger Bubble Gum

Tree Hugger Bubble Gum is an updated version of the gumballs you loved as a child with all the massive bubble-blowing capabilities and none of the chemicals. In two fruity flavor combinations—Citrus Berry and Fantastic Fruit—these nut-free, gluten-free and vegan gumballs explore the sweeter side of freshening while bringing out your inner kid.

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5. Spry Dental Defense System

Spry Dental Defense System chewing gum takes a more dental health-focused approach with its xylitol formula. Xylitol, a sugar alcohol, is a natural sweetener that prevents bacteria from sticking to teeth and spreading around your mouth. Chewing xylitol gum can help prevent cavities, plaque buildup and tooth decay, and customers love the “just cleaned” feeling they get after chewing.


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