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Giving Medicine To Pets and Babies Can Be Hard, But an Oral Dispensing Syringe Makes it Possible

Most medical equipment is best left to the professionals, but some tasks you can safely and easily do at home. One useful tool that a dentist or oral surgeon might use, and one that can also be handy at home, is an oral dispensing syringe. They can be an invaluable tool for parents, pet owners, and even bakers.

When you think of oral syringes, you might imagine the kind with a sharp needle used to administer anesthetics to your gums. But the options on this list don’t have any needles. Rather, they have small plastic openings, and they can be used to precisely measure liquids. If you’re a parent of a young child, an oral syringe can be a good way to give medicine to a young child.

Some medicine for babies require specific and small quantities, so trying to measure a really small amount of medicine in a spoon can be difficult. Plus, using a spoon can be uncomfortable for the child and difficult for the parent, and they might just spit it out immediately. The same goes for giving medicine to pets — it can be difficult to open the mouth of a cat or dog. Soft, plastic oral syringes won’t hurt the animal and will allow you to make sure they actually swallow.

Oral syringes aren’t just used to help the medicine go down; bakers can use these devices when making cakes and other treats. They can use an oral syringe to precisely add decorations in exactly the right amount. They’re easy to use and inexpensive, and you may find that you prefer using an oral syringe to a piping bag or a decorating syringe, which is often substantially more expensive. We’ve rounded up some of the best oral dispensing syringes on Amazon.

1. Care Touch 10 mL Syringe with Luer Lock Tip

For children, pets, and home care, these 10ml syringes from Care Touch are made from non-toxic plastic and come with a secure Leur Slip Tip to avoid leaks. These oral syringes come individually wrapped and are sterilized for safe use in medical settings and pet care. However, they’re also easy to use for hobbyists and bakers. Designed to hold up to 10ml, they can also be used to administer much smaller amounts of liquid. The best oral syringes are well designed and durable, and this affordable 10 pack from Care Touch fits the bill.

Pros: Affordable package includes 10 syringes. The 10ml syringes are ideal for administering medicine in child care, pet care, and home care, but they are equally useful for bakers decorating a cake.

Cons: Because only 10 syringes come per package, there are other options with a better value. 10 ml will be too large for some applications.

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2. Care Touch 100 Syringes with Covers

For an option that holds more volume, these syringes, also from Care Touch, hold up to 10mL. Each syringe is individually wrapped and marked for one-time use, and the box contains 100 syringes. An added bonus is that each syringe comes with a plastic cap to cover the tip, which can help ensure that the syringe tip does not accidentally come into contact with any contaminants when not in use. Like many of the other options, it’s well suited to a variety of applications such as child, pet, and home care, as well as DIY projects.

Pros: Includes a plastic cap to protect the tip, and each syringe is individually sealed. Dual-scale allows you to measure both teaspoons and milliliters, adding to the value of its use in cooking applications.

Cons: Requires a little more force to dispense the liquid.

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3. Brandzig 3mL Syringe with Cap (100 Pack)

This option from Brandzig is a box of 100-individually wrapped syringes. Each syringe holds a maximum of 3mL, and the measuring scale on the side also includes teaspoons. That makes this pick good for either medical applications or baking, cooking, and crafts. The syringes feature a Leur slip tip and a cap is included for the tip. The syringes are sterilized and approved by the FDA.

Pros: Affordable value for 100 syringes. The measuring scale includes milliliters and teaspoons, making these ideal for medicine or cooking applications. Syringes include a cap.

Cons: Tip may be too narrow for some applications.

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