Never Miss a Dosage With These Pill Organizers

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Medication management is essential if you take multiple medications per day. However, the line of pill bottles in your medication cabinet might stress you out. You might worry about taking the wrong pill or skipping a dose, which can be detrimental to your health.

Pill organizers are great tools for keeping your medication schedule on track without the stress.

While you might picture your grandmother’s pill organizer, these containers have come a long way in recent years. They often feature bright colors, clear symbols and removable compartments. You can keep them in your bedside drawer or stash them in your carry on bag.

Most pill organizers have a large capacity for medications and supplements. However, you want to make sure that you purchase an organizer that will fit all your pills and shut securely. Check the dimensions carefully.

Here are some of the best pill organizers for effective medication management.

1. Inspiration Industry Rainbow Weekly Pill Organizer

This rainbow pill organizer includes a bright color for easy day of the week. The removable compartments have sections for morning, noon and evening. Each individual compartment, as well as the larger container, snap closed with a tight seal. This product features translucent lids, so you can see your pills through the top.

Pros: You can remove each daily container to place in a purse or bag. The individual compartments are large enough to fit multiple fish oil supplements.

Cons: The compartments can be difficult to open for some individuals. The text may wear off over time.

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2. AUVON Weekly Pill Organizer

This pill organizer has several medication management features that are useful for people of all ages. Each color-coded daily container has four pill compartments, so you can easily keep track of your medication schedule throughout the day. The containers are removable and the pillbox snaps shut to prevent spills. These compartments also have a contoured design to help you scoop out your pills.

Pros: The containers and pillbox close securely, but they are easy to open. This product has four compartments, while many other have three.

Cons: Symbols label the compartments, rather than words. The latch on the pillbox may be faulty.

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3. Fullive Daily Pill Organizer

These compact pill containers have compartments for morning and night. You can remove each round container from the pillbox to bring your medications on the go. The containers are small enough to fit in a pocket, but they still have ample space inside. These organizers have silk-printed labels, which can last longer than stickers.

Pros: The pill containers are durable enough to stash in your bag or pocket. You can fit pills and supplements of all sizes in this organizer.

Cons: The organizer only has compartments for morning and night. The pillbox may be larger than it appears in the product photos.

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4. Seven-Day Pill Organizer

If you’re looking for a large pill organizer for weekly use, this is a great option. Each color-coded container has three compartments and are labeled with the days of the week. The compartments are over an inch deep and wide. The lids latch tightly to keep moisture out and pills in. Just keep in mind that this seal can make it tricky to open for some.

Pros: The daily pill containers are removable for travel. Each dosage compartment has an separate lid.

Cons: The symbol labels may be confusing for some. The pill box as a whole may feel bulky.

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5. Sukos Weekly Pill Organizer

This set of compact pill organizers is suitable for anyone taking medications twice per day. The containers have compartments for day and night, as well as labels for the days of the week. While the containers are compact, each compartment can fit six fish oil capsules and about 14 pills. The cylindrical pill box is a translucent gray, rather than clear, so it conceals the medications inside.

Pros: The containers are easy to fill and handle. The entire organizer can fit in a suitcase.

Cons: The plastic material may not be as sturdy enough to withstand long-term use. The labels can wear off over time.

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