The Best Portable Blenders for Juicing and Smoothie-ing On the Go

best portable juicer cup small blender
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Juicing is all the rage right now due to the health benefits and accessibility it creates for getting your fruits and veggies in. Even if you’re not a huge fan of fruits and vegetables, blending them up and combining them with a few other ingredients in a smoothie is a healthy and delicious way to get all the benefits without the concentrated taste.

Nowadays, you don’t need to clean out a huge blender every time you want a smoothie. With these portable juicer cup blenders, you’ll be able to combine everything, juice your favorite fruits and take it all with you in the very same cup.

These portable cup blenders cut down on dishes, time spent washing and overall maintenance. It’s easier than ever to eat healthy using one of these devices below, so find the one that suits you and your lifestyle and get blending!

1. inkint Portable Blender Juicer Cup

They’ve included six stainless steel blades for chopping, pulverizing and blending up fruits and veggies into a mix that’s easy to drink.

The blender cup detaches for easy drinking and cleaning, and the whole machine has a double-click start-up safety feature. Click the start button two times to get the machine to start up, so you won’t accidentally click it by accident and spray smoothie everywhere (been there).

It’s also got a portable lid that easily attaches so you can take it with you and sip throughout the day.

Pros: Powerful blade speed, easy cleaning, double-click start safety feature.

Cons: Doesn’t blend ice easily. Use chopped up ice or smaller cubes, instead.

inkint Portable Blender Juicer Cup Courtesy of Amazon

2. Tenswall Personal Size Portable Blender

This product makes it super easy to blend up fruits and veggies at the touch of a button and with a 380 ML capacity, it’s small enough to fit in most purses, backpacks and work bags.

It’s made with food-grade materials including non-toxic and eco-friendly plastic and is completely BPA free. It’s got six blades for blending and operates at 22,000 high rotation speed — enough to blend up ice, frozen fruits and frozen veggies among others.

Recharge it via a USB port for a few hours and enjoy 12 blending sessions on a single charge.

Pros: Two parts, only one button to operate, lasts a while on a single charge.

Cons: Smaller size makes it easy to transport, but can’t carry a lot of liquid.

Tenswall Personal Size Portable Blender Courtesy of Amazon

3. G-TING Cordless Portable Blender

It’s got a display screen so you can see how fast you’re blending and is made with BPA-free materials.

The stainless steel blades are powered by a 16,500-rpm motor that will only turn on when the cup is attached to the base — no more hurt fingers during the cleaning process!

Through removing the blender base, the portable blender becomes a blender bottle with its own lid, and the whole thing charges in two hours and will last for 20 blends afterwards.

Pros: Fast charging, blade safety feature, professional design.

Cons: Not intended for use with hot beverages.

G-TING Cordless Portable Blender Courtesy of Amazon

4. AUZKIN Cordless Mini Personal Blender

This juicer is a blender and heavy-duty smoothie cup all in one. There’s no attaching to the blades, you simply add your fruits and liquids to the cup, turn it on and shake it up to blend. The blades are attached to the lid and do all the work. In about 40 seconds, you’ll have a delicious juice to enjoy!

It’s also got magnetic induction charging so there’s no concern with liquids damaging the charging mechanism.

It’ll blend everything up while maintaining nutrients with a max blade speed of 21,000 rpm. It won’t turn on unless it’s closed and tightened, and everything is waterproof so you’ll be able to clean effectively without damaging anything.

Pros: Built for portability, magnetic induction charging, small but powerful motor.

Cons: Heavier than other models because of its all-in-one design.

AUZKIN Cordless Mini Personal Blender Courtesy of Amazon

5. Diwenhouse Portable Wireless Blender

Its got a 480 ml/16 oz juice cup so it’ll hold everything you need in high borosilicate glass that’s completely BPA free, FDA approved, non-toxic and eco-friendly. This makes it the safest option when making baby food or juices for your kids.

The six 304-stainless-steel blades blend everything up easily at the double-touch of a button within 30 seconds.

At 25,000 revolutions per minute, the motor will pulverize your fruits and veggies while maintaining the nutrients so you can rest assured knowing you and your baby are getting the nutrients you need.

Pros: Safest for children, fastest blending, large capacity, comes with steel straws.

Cons: Lid does not have an opening for easy drinking, requires unscrewing the top.

Diwenhouse Portable Wireless Blender Courtesy of Amazon