I Can’t Believe How Much Easier It Was For Me To Find My Water After Switching To These Colorful Tumblers

best travel tumblers colorful
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* These brightly colored tumblers are hard to misplace
* They also help you remember to keep hydrated throughout the day
* There’s a style for every preference – from skulls to flags and flamingoes

“Have you seen my water bottle? I can’t find it.” How many times have you been asked or been the one asking this question? Why? Gray or colorless water bottles are easily lost in a grey or colorless environment like an office or your car footwell. What’s the fix? One way to ensure you never misplace your water tumbler again is to get one so colorful and eye catching that you can’t help but pick it out from your monotone living space.

These 5 travel tumblers are available in a range of styles and colors. They’re ideal for use at home, work or school. In addition to helping you locate your tumbler, they also help remind you to stay hydrated (and therefore lose weight) by putting water at the front of your mind every time the colorful vessel catches your eye.

Whether a nice bright pink or vibrant blue is your color of choice, make sure you never misplace your water bottle again with one of these colorful tumblers.

1. JORMUNGAND Tumbler Travel Mug

Sporting an impressive 21 different design options, the JORMUNGAND Tumbler Travel Mug comes in a style for every preference. From the classic wood grain and amethyst looks to the more outrageous flamingo green and sugar skull designs, each option looks great and can’t help but draw your eye. The tumbler itself has a 30 oz capacity and sports a double-vacuum design, which helps to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. The BPA-free lid has a notch for easy removal and a straw-friendly hole for convenient drinking on the go.

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2. Simple Modern Classic Tumbler

With over 1,400 5-star Amazon reviews, the Simple Modern Classic Tumbler is one of the most popular options on our list. You’ll get the choice of 45 different designs when ordering, ensuring there’s an option for every taste. The tumbler comes with 2 different lids, which can be switched out depending on your requirements. These include a flip lid and a straw lid. In addition, the tumbler is made from durable stainless steel and features a double wall to help maintain your beverage’s temperature.

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3. Corkcicle Tumbler

The Corkcicle Tumbler is a super versatile option as it can easily double up as a vessel for holding ice cream and other warm or cold food items. It comes in both 16 and 24-ounce sizes and is triple insulated, which lets it keep your cold drinks cold for up to 9 hours or your hot drinks hot for up to 3. This tumbler is great for use at work, home, the pool, the gym, the beach or wherever you need it to be. It also sports a non-slip, silicone bottom and crystal clear, sip-through lid.

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4. S’well Stainless Steel Travel Mug

This S’well Travel Mug is made from high grade stainless steel and features a triple-walled design to prevent your hands or bag from getting wet as it won’t produce condensation. The triple wall also helps maintain the temperature of your beverage no matter whether it’s hot or cold. The lid sports a wide mouth for easy drinking and a thick rim to allow you to put ice inside with ease. There’s also an ergonomic grip built into the design, which keeps you in control of the tumbler when you’re on the move.

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5. Zojirushi Stainless Mug

The Zojirushi Stainless Mug features an allover, one-color design. There are 12 colors to choose from with options including coral pink, matte blue and slate grey. The vessel features a special vacuum insulated wall, which maintains the temperature of your drink inside. Plus, it sports an advanced lid with a special 2-step opening process to prevent unwanted splattering when you open the tumbler. You’ll also find a secure lock to prevent any unexpected opening during transit.

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