Stay Hydrated With One Of These Water Filter Pitchers

Best Water Filter Pitcher
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Drinking enough water every day is one of those essential things that many people neglect. The benefits of staying hydrated are countless and include improved alertness, better joint health, and clearer skin. One of the best ways to stay hydrated is to turn drinking water into a subconscious habit. If you keep a reusable water bottle with you when you go out, the fact that it’s with you makes it more likely that you’ll reach for it.

When you’re at home or the office, keeping a water filter nearby or in the fridge will encourage you to drink water while you’re at your desk or on the couch. Filtered water tastes better than tap, and filters remove most of the impurities found in tap water. Plus, if you’re a regular coffee drinker and you use a drip coffee maker or espresso machine, using filtered water can potentially improve the taste and extend the life of your machine. Read on for some of our picks for the best water filter pitchers you can buy right now.


1. Brita Large 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher

This Brita filter is designed to reduce impurities like copper, cadmium, and mercury found in tap water. The large size makes it easy to refill it once or twice and have enough water throughout the day.

Pros: Improved taste over tap, large capacity.

Cons: Reservoir is hard to remove for cleaning, and the lid must be entirely removed to refill reservoir.

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2. Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

This filter is considerably more expensive than others, but it’s designed to do more. It’s designed to filter out lead, fluoride, and mercury. Plus, they donate clean water to those in need.

Pros: Made in the US, filters out more contaminants than other kinds of filters.

Cons: Filtration takes a long time.

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3. Brita Small 5 Cup Water Filter Pitcher

This 5 cup pitcher comes with an electronic indicator that notifies you when it’s time to change your filter. It has the same filter capabilities as the larger 10-cup Brita option, just in a smaller container.

Pros: Electronic indicator for changing the filter, available in charming colors like red and turquoise.

Cons: The entire top has to be removed to refill the reservoir, as opposed to having a flip-top design.

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4. PUR CR1100CV Classic Water Pitcher Filtration System

The PUR Classic 11-Cup Pitcher makes it easy to get clean, delicious water right from your fridge or tap. It comes with a built-in LED filter-life indicator that lets you know when it needs a replacement to ensure your pitcher is always providing the cleanest water possible. PUR’s Basic Pitcher filters provide 40 gallons of filtered water or one to two months of typical use before a replacement is needed.

Pros: PUR’s water filter reduces over 70 contaminants, including lead and chlorine.

Cons: Depending on usage, the filter might need to be replaced frequently.

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5. AquaBliss Water Filter Pitcher

The AquaBliss 10-cup Water Filter Pitcher has one of the longest-lasting filter replacement requirements that is two times longer than other pitcher water filters. These filters can last for a full four months before needing to be replaced. In addition to lasting longer, these filters get rid of contaminants such as chlorine, metals, and sediments while reducing odors. These filters are fast and easy to use — simply fill your water purifier with unfiltered water and watch it filter out any and all contaminants.

Pros: A sleek, space-saving design makes this water filter pitcher easily fit into the refrigerator or leave on the counter without taking up too much space.

Cons: There is no digital notification to tell you when to replace the filter — only a mechanical one.

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6. ZeroWater ZP-010 Water Filter Pitcher

ZeroWater’s 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher features a one-hand, push to dispense spigot that allows you to fill your cup or water bottle without any heavy lifting. It also uses a unique system that uses five-stage filtration to remove 99.6% of total dissolved solids, twice as much as the leading brand to bring you cleaner, better-tasting water. This filter also provides one of the only pour-through NSF certified filters to remove chromium and lead and will remove virtually all solids for the purest tasting water.

Pros: All ZeroWater products include a free water quality meter to test your water so you never have to wonder about its quality.

Cons: Replacement filters can get expensive.

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