Bilberry Is Best: Here’s Why This Natural Fruit Extract Is Doing Wonders For Our Health

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The nutrient packed super fruit known as Bilberry is a small blueberry that’s popular for its ability to help maintain eye health. It also helps with our cognitive abilities, heart, blood, and skin health. Bilberry has been known to assist in treating diseases like diabetes, liver and kidney damage. It’s also popular for its high levels of antioxidants and antimicrobials. Incorporating a Bilberry fruit extract intro your daily diet will help improve your vision, lessen inflammation in your body, and will promote and protect your overall health.

We’ve chosen three of the highest rated Bilberry extracts that are affordable and packed with nutrients and natural disease fighting ingredients.

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1. Nutricost Bilberry Capsules

The Nutricost Bilberry Capsules contain the highest amount of Bilberry out of the three extracts we’ve chosen. The Nutricost Bilberry capsules include 1,200 mg per pill. Also if you are vegan, these Nutricost Bilberry Capsules are a great option for you because they are gluten free and non-GMO. Some other bilberry extracts contain gelatin, which is derived from animal parts. This package comes with a total of 90 pills that are in capsule form. Some reviewers claim they give these pills to their dogs. Its capsule form allows you to easily mix the capsule’s contents into your dog’s food. Bilberry extract may have the ability to treat vascular and circulation problems in canines, according to These bilberry extract pills are affordable, easy to swallow, and can potentially help  the overall health of both you and your furry friends . We recommend consulting with your Veterinarian before giving these to your dog.

PROS: Affordable and potent.

CONS: Doesn’t contain other vitamins.

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2. Solgar Bilberry Ginkgo Eyebright Complex

The Solgar Bilberry Ginkgo Eyebright Complex plus Lutein is aimed at specifically improving eye health. Many reviewers who suffer from dry eyes, itchy eyes, poor night vision and macular degeneration claim they saw an improvement in their eyesight after taking these capsules. This specific bilberry extract contains 10 mg of Lutein which is known as the “eye vitamin.” Bilberry alone is already supposed to help improve your eye health but with Lutein added, this is a strong mixture of eye improving vitamins. This supplement also includes other essential vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, and more. This extract is a powerful combination that is a smart choice if you want to improve your eye health while also improving your overall health.

PROS: Contains Lutein and other important Vitamins

CONS: This is a more expensive option compared to other brands.

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3. Puritans Pride Bilberry

The Puritans Pride Bilberry extract is the most affordable out of the three. With these extracts, you get the most bang for you back. This package comes with a total of 180 pills and the whole container costs less than $9. That means each pill costs around $.05. On top of being a great deal, these pills are also easier to swallow than traditional pills because they are softgels. This is a good thing if you have a hard time swallowing pills, but not a good thing if you’re vegan. These Bilberry extracts contain gelatin and are not “vegan.” These Puritan Pride bilberry extracts are an easy and affordable option for adding some extra powerful bilberrry in your diet.

PROS: In softgel form.

CONS: Not vegan friendly.

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