It’s Time To Start Using Brain Octane Oil

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* Brain octane oil is used to energize your body and mind
* Extracted from 100% coconut oil
* Triple distillation process eliminates any traces of outside chemicals or solvents

You drink a coffee to help you wake up, tea to help you sleep, but what do you do when you when you want to naturally boost your energy? Sure, caffeinated drinks can give you a quick spurt of energy, but the high caloric count and extra additives are hardly worth it. That’s where brain octane oil comes in.

You may not have heard of it, but brain octane is a natural ingredient in coconut oil. This particular form brain octane oil undergoes a triple distillation process to produce the cleanest product available, with no harsh chemicals, solvents or other additives. Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil is extracted entirely from coconuts.

Unlike other supplements, brain octane is able to provide your body with instant energy. That’s because the oil is rapidly absorbed, which means your body doesn’t have to spend time breaking down glucose from sugars and carbs. More than that, this oil is able to produce four times the ketone energy of traditional coconut oil, offering more immediate energy while also supporting healthy digestive and immune systems.

Brain oil also offers a host of other health benefits. In addition to feeding your brain, one tablespoon twice a day may also help burn fat and keep you focused for hours at a time. Instead of turning to artificial stimulants and sugary soft drinks to help keep you focused, why not take a page from nature’s playbook and opt to use natural fats for fuel.

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