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Ingenious Design: Cadence’s Magnetic, Stackable Capsules Offer Chic Pill Storage

There are few things more satisfying than finding just the right container for the thing you need to store — whether it be a food storage containers for leftovers, sealable containers for pantry goods or a perfectly-snug laptop sleeve. Cadence’s The Gradients stackable, magnetic capsules are the flexible storage solution you need for all your small wellness goods including pills, hair clips, floss, hair gel and lip balm.

Cadence The Gradients

Cadence makes sets of interlocking magnetic capsules designed to hold a variety of health, grooming and lifestyle products. This set, The Gradients, comes with nine capsules with limited-edition shades and icons for color-coding your storage system.

The icons include Sage, Eucalyptus, Pine, Arctic, Pacific, Atlantic for more conceptual storage as well as 5pm, 6pm and 7pm, perhaps for items related to your nighttime routine. You can also customize the top of each capsule with each set you buy, choosing from an extensive library or typing in your own words.

Each capsule has a magnet in the body, top and tile so you can stack and store them in any combination. The inside of each capsule is rounded ergonomically to make scooping and retrieving items as easy as possible. They’re also all made to be used, emptied, cleaned, refilled and reused again and again.

Our grandparents had pill boxes, now we have stylish, chic magnetic storage capsules where we can store much more than our daily medication.