Camel Case: The 6 Best Hydration Packs for Hikers and Runners

Hydration Packs
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* Proper hydration is easy to achieve, even when you’re out for a run or hike
* You might feel fine, but dehydration can strike at any time
* All packs include a BPA-free 2L bladder

Spend any amount of time outside and you’ll quickly learn just how important hydration can be to your overall wellness, especially if you’re the sporty type. Water and some sports drinks provide countless benefits, like aiding in regulating your body temperature or keeping your joints properly lubed. So the next time you’re on a hike or run, bring along one of these hydration packs. And remember: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

1. Mubasel Gear 2L Hydration Backpack

Most hydration bladders have a wide-mouthed screw top design, but not this one. The included 2L bladder’s design is more akin to your typical slider style Ziploc freezer bag, making it a lot easier to clean and dry before storage. The bladder itself slots into an insulated compartment and will keep your drinks cold for up to five hours. Oh, and the backpack itself is useful too! Two separate compartments can easily accommodate a small laptop or tablet or extra gear and food for your next adventure.

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2. Mubasel Gear 2L Hydration Pack

If you don’t need the extra space provided by Mubasel Gear’s Hydration Backpack, then the Hydration Pack should do the trick. It includes the same 2L bladder as the Backpack version, but is encased in a much smaller pack, which includes a smaller storage compartment for essentials. Best of all, the bladder can also be used as a makeshift pillow on the trail. And the mouthpiece has a cap, so no need to worry about dirt or dust.

Mubasel Gear 2L Hydration Pack Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Miracol 2L Hydration Backpack

Miracol’s 2L Hydration Backpack is nearly identical to Mubasel Gear’s Hydration Backpack, but with an insulated compartment for a screw-top bladder and extra compartments for your things. Where it differentiates itself from the competition is the inclusion of two zippered pockets on the waist straps, so you don’t have to go digging for your keys, phone or wallet.

Miracol 2L Hydration Backpack Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Rabosky 2L Tactical Hydration Pack

If you prefer something a bit more tactical and low-key, then Rabosky’s rugged, all-black Hyration Pack might be what you’re looking for. It has everything you’d need, like an insulated drinking tube and compartment, multiple options for storage. And it’s crafted from 600 denier polyester, making it “military-grade” durable.

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5. SoJourner 2L Hydration Pack

Show a little patriotism on your next run or hike with SoJourner’s 2L Hydration Pack. This minimalist pack weighs just 13 oz and it can be adjusted to fit both kids and adults.

SoJourner 2L Hydration Pack Image courtesy of Amazon


6. High Sierra Propel 70 Hydration Pack

At just 1.3 lbs, High Sierra’s Propel 70 Hydration Pack sits right between backpack-style hydration packs and minimalist packs making it the perfect pack for serious runners and hikers. The Propel 70 includes all the bells whistles, like an insulated drinking tube to prevent freezing, a rear-access pocket to your water supply, and even tuck-away mesh flaps to hold a helmet. There’s also a women’s version with a female specific fit.

High Sierra Propel 70 Hydration Pack Image courtesy of Amazon

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