Cheat Day Benefits: Eat Whatever You Want and Lose Weight

Cheat Day Benefits
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* Planning a cheat day into your diet is widely practiced
* You can literally eat whatever you want, it’s great
* There are several health benefits with cheat days

When you start a new diet the hardest part is fending off the temptations to eat the junk food you’ve gotten used to. While it’s great to take a stern stance and swear off these foods for good, it can actually help to schedule them into your diet from time to time. That’s right, putting your favorite junk foods back on the menu can help you lose weight and keep your sanity when embarking on a new diet.

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Metabolic Effects

When you start a new diet your body takes notice. The smaller portions and lower calorie foods you begin to eat tell your body that there is less to metabolize and therefore the rate at which you metabolize food can actually start to slow. This is why we often see small changes at the beginning of a diet, but then hit a plateau where no visible changes are happening, leading to frustration. When you schedule one cheat day per week into your diet, however, you can signal to your metabolism to kick it back into high gear. Then, when you go back to your strict diet the next day, your metabolism will burn the low calorie and small portions quicker, allowing it to process the stored fat for energy which leads to weight loss. With this being said, you still need to be smart about your portions. Eat the junk food, but don’t eat five cheeseburgers in a sitting and expect to feel okay and lose weight.


Mentality Effects

In my opinion, the positive effects a cheat day will have on your mentality towards a diet is the best part. If you schedule your cheat day for Sunday, praise the Lord, then it’s much easier to avoid the temptation to eat a cookie or have ice cream earlier in the week because you know that those cravings will be satisfied in due time. Using your cheat day as a reward is crucial to sticking it out with your diet and disciplining yourself. This way you get to keep your sanity and your favorite junk foods. The funny thing is that after a few weeks of strict dieting with a cheat day each week, you’ll begin to lose the desire for those junk foods altogether.

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