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Bringing Your Lunch to Work Just Got So Much Easier Thanks to This $20 Device

* Crock-Pot Food Warmer makes it easier to enjoy better meals at work
* Detachable warming base lets you heat food up at your desk
* Stores up to 20 ounces for added convenience

Ever since the ‘40s, the Crock-Pot has made dinnertime even better by making it easier to enjoy a nice home-cooked dinner without all the fuss. The world’s first slow cooker introduced millions of Americans to a new (and healthy) way to prepare meals: simply place your ingredients in the pot, turn it on before you leave for work and voila — you’re able to come home to fully cooked meal.

Keeping that same great approach and pushing it one step further, the

takes everything you liked about the original and made it portable. That’s right, instead of having to wait till you get home to pop the top off and enjoy your favorite dishes, this food warmer lets you take the meal with you.

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100% dishwasher safe, this portable pot holds up to 20 ounces of food — large enough for hearty lunch and a little pick-me-up snack later in the day. It also comes complete with detachable warming base, which means you can leave it at work and instantly heat your food up the smart way, without having to rely on that crowded office microwave.

Even better, you can enjoy a warm and healthy lunch without ever having to leave the desk. How’s that for convenience? And if that wasn’t enough, this portable Crock-Pot comes in four bright and vibrant colors.

At less than $20, the money you’ll save on eating out will pay for itself many times over. Go ahead, treat yourself to better meals at work and at home.


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