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These Superfood Supplements Are The Way To Go If You Are Vegan

Vegan supplements are a great way for vegans to get essential nutrients that might be missing from their diets. While these supplements are great for anyone, they are catered to the vegan population due to the fact that they are dairy, corn and egg-free, contain no animal byproducts and are also low in sugar.

Below are a few great dietary supplements for vegans that are easy to take and will ensure you don’t miss out on essential nutrients. Two of the most popular are superfood-based greens powders that come in convenient travel packs or in a large tub to keep on the counter. These powders are packed with organic greens, phytonutrients and vegetables that will help to support crucial areas of health including immunity and healthy aging.

We have also chosen an omega-3 supplement made without the fish. This plant-based softgel uses algae to provide the health benefits of omega-3’s without the fish oils which also means no fishy aftertaste for you.

1. Garden of Life Raw Organic Perfect Food Superfood Greens Powder

Raw Organic’s Perfect Food Superfood Greens Powder is a superfood supplement packed with raw organic greens, sprouts and vegetable juices for increased energy. In addition, this powder provides antioxidants, enzymes, amino acids, essential fatty acids and dozens of other phytonutrients to help keep you healthy. Suggested use includes mixing one level scoop into your favorite smoothie or cup of water everyday and shake well.

PROS: Immune system support comes in the form of healthy digestion, detoxification, a healthy immune system and healthy blood sugar levels.

CONS: These are most palatable in smoothies as the taste might take some getting used to on its own.

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2. Ovega-3 Plant-Based Omega-3 Daily Dietary Supplement

The Ovega-3 is a vegetarian and vegan omega-3 supplement containing both DHA and EPA omega-3 fatty acids to support heart, brain and overall health. Instead of the traditional fish found in many other heart heal supplements, Ovega-3 uses algae to give you the multiple health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids which also have five times more omega-3 per serving. Suggested use includes taking one easy-to-swallow soft gel every day.

PROS: As these supplements are plant-based, you will still get the heart-healthy benefits of traditional omega-3 supplements and oils but without the unpleasant fishy aftertaste.

CONS: One serving contains 500mg of omegas. If you need more, another option might be better.

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3. Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily Superfood Supplement Powder

The Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily is a complete superfood greens supplement that is made with 75 clean and whole food-sourced ingredients. This comprehensive supplement provides support in five areas of health including efficient energy, immunity, gut health, hormonal support and healthy aging. This powder is great for all lifestyles and comes in travel-friendly single serving packets so you can take wherever you go.

PROS: This all-in-one supplement has less than one gram of sugar per serving.

CONS: This product can get expensive if used on a regular basis.

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